Schools Across Russia Are Given the Name Ricardo Milos on Google Maps – Brazilian Stripper Who Has Become a Meme

Ricardo Milos

And also monuments, parks, temples and government buildings.  found Ricardo Milos in all the “million” of the country.

In late December, Russian media paid attention, that schools and institutions across the country have received the name of Ricardo Milos in Google Maps. In honor of the Brazilian strippers called schools, universities, colleges, dance halls, government buildings and even temples.

This was made possible because Google allows users to rename objects in maps. People can “clarify” information about buildings and institutions by sending edits to service representatives. Sometimes because of this, there are renamed flashmobs – this happened in the case of Ricardo Milos.

Who is Ricardo Milos

Ricardo Milos (Ricardo Milos) – Brazilian stripper, whose dances became a meme in the West a few years ago. Its recognizable elements: muscularity, a red bandana on the head and swimming trunks with an American frag. For the first time video with dance strippers was published on the gay site Jock Butt. In October 2010, the video appeared on the Japanese site NND in the section “gachimuchi” (muscular boys).

The charisma of Milos made him popular among Japanese users of social networks. He was given the name Ro nau jii nyo – as a Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, only jii from Japanese means masturbation.

In the digital age, where applications can even manipulate photos to make individuals appear unclothed, it’s no surprise that a Brazilian stripper-turned-meme, Ricardo Milos, has inspired internet users to mischievously rename schools across Russia on Google Maps.

Carefully, in this video – erotic dance from Milos.

NND users began to draw anime parodies of the dances of Milos, and the flash mob was called “Dance Like a Butterfly” (Chou No You Ni Maiinyo). The track “Butterfly” from the Swedish group was used as the main composition.

In 2018, the meme was reborn in Russia. Fans of the game Dota 2 and the users of “Dvacha” started making jokes about Ricardo Milos again. After the meme went to VKontakte, and by December it had become one of the most popular on the social network.

According to Google Trends, the stripper has become much more popular in Russia than in the West and in Japan, where they learned about it initially.