Deepnude Application “Strips” the Person in the Photo: How It Works and a Few Examples

Deepnude App

Brief results of the test: the neural network works quickly, “strips” only girls, and adds female sex characteristics to men.

A shot of Kim Kardashian, passed through the application DeepNude

An unknown programmer created the DeepNude application, which “removes” clothes from photos using social networks. This allows you to make fake, but at the same time quite realistic nude pictures of women. editor checked the operation of the algorithm with a few examples.

Updated: DeepNude has a problem. According to the developers, the failure is associated with a large number of visits. The company promised to restore work within a few days.

The first about DeepNude told edition Vice. Journalists called the application the evolution of the ideas of DeepFake, only not in the video, but in the photo. In this new algorithm is much easier to learn – fake photos can be done in just a few clicks.

The application started on June 23. While it works only on Windows and Linux. The developer, who has a profile on Twitter, did not announce further plans. If you believe the completed biography in the account, the author DeepNude lives in Estonia.

Editor downloaded and checked the application. When using it on a “stripped” photo, a huge watermark appears, which closes most of the result of the algorithm. This is solved with the paid version of DeepNude: for $ 50 instead of a mark, only the “Fake” mark in the corner remains. For $ 100, the user receives a photo without any signs.

The creator of DeepNude recommends using photos of girls who already have most of their bodies exposed, for example, in a bathing suit or underwear. Also, an editor check showed that the application is sensitive to poses – it’s better not to use pictures where the person is standing back or in a half-turn.

In the “ideal” conditions, the algorithm copes with the work qualitatively, filling the areas that are hidden by clothes.

Actress Paulina Andreeva
Actress Emma Watson

Sometimes the application gives noticeable failures. For example, does not draw the nipples or adds another naked body in a random place. You can also see that in some cases the neural network makes the shape slimmer than on the original.

Singer Larisa Dolina

DeepNudes does not do very well with the drawn characters.

And if you upload a photo of a man, the algorithm will try to substitute the female body under the clothes. For example, on the site of the penis may appear chest. Obviously, the algorithm is not trained on male nude shots.

Elon Musk
Pavel Durov

Vice journalists paid $ 50 to test the application. They also contacted the developer: he introduced himself as Alberto and said that he had trained the neural network on 10,000 photographs of naked women. According to him, the function of “stripping” men is in his plans.

Alberto noted that he was inspired by the idea of ​​”x-ray glasses” from his childhood.

I’m not a pervert, I’m a technology enthusiast. And I continue to improve the algorithm. Against the background of failures with other startups, I asked myself: can I get an economic return from this? And launched the application.

I asked myself if I was doing the right thing. But the same can be done in Photoshop, just in a few hours, and in 30 seconds. This is just a fun experiment. If someone has bad intentions with these photos, then I have nothing to do with it. If not I will do it, then someone else.


by DeepNude

Natalie Portman
Gal Gadot

How to “strip” the person in the photo

  1. Go to the application site and download it – the program works only on Windows and Linux. The site offers an online version, but this is just a demonstration of already processed images;
  2. After installation, the algorithm will load the necessary libraries for a few more minutes. After this, DeepNudes will be ready for use;
  3. The application has only two buttons: upload a photo and remove watermarks. After uploading a picture, if necessary, enlarge the photo and place the desired person in the center;

4. After about 30 seconds, a “stripped” photo appears. Download it in full resolution for free can not – only with a premium account. But you can make a screenshot.

After the Vice material, Alberto warned that due to the high load, photos can be processed longer. At the same time, human rights organizations have already paid attention to the algorithm, which were outraged by the similar “invasion of a person’s private sex life”. Vice called the app “terrifying.”

The authors of the publication showed DeepNudes a professor of computer science at Burkley University, Farid Hany (Hany Farid). According to journalists, he was shocked by the simplicity of creating a fake snapshot.

We need to learn to better identify such fakes, and scientists and researchers will often think about how to protect their achievements from such “harmful” use. Social networks, in turn, should carefully discuss how to change the rules to prevent the distribution of such content.

Our legislators will also have to think about the adjustment of the “dipface”.

Hani Farid Professor