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What Central Asians think about the “Russian march”?

In large Russian cities on Tuesday passed the “Russian march” to mark the Day of People’s Unity. Moscow march brought together about 600 people. Even before the shares representatives of national communities appealed to the Moscow authorities with a proposal to reject the application nationalists. According to representatives of the Federation of Migrants of Russia, “these marches do not unite people, but on the contrary – to split.”
Immigrants from Central Asia, living on the territory of the Russian Federation spoke about the conduct of “Russian march”.
176567 900 What Central Asians think about the Russian march?
Karomat Sharipov, the movement “Tajik labor migrants”:

I personally studied the history of the leaders and initiators of the march, and almost did not notice any of them Russian.
These people have used pseudonyms and operated by Western agents. Their task was to eliminate first from close friends in Russia, and later also to get rid of the Russian people.
Emotions at the marchers were quite clear – they considered themselves humiliated.
But still nothing patriotic march I saw. If participants were patriots, they would have to fight against smoking, with alcohol, with drugs.
Both my father and grandfather always said: Russian man – a peacemaker.
A marchers throwing bottles and shouting about “these non-Russians” – as I might like? Although this can not be denied that many Russian-speaking, not only Russian, are in need of assistance.
No man in Russia, a simple Russian people, except for Vladimir Putin, that went out and said, I am Russian, I am proud of my country, I was ready to give his life for her! I have not seen such. Marchers say our rights infringed upon. And I support them here. After all, in fact, it infringed the rights of the Russian people over the whole space of the Russian state in full. In the Caucasus, Tatarstan, Bashkiria.
If “Russian march” will be true Russian patriots, I myself will go in this column.
Russia – a multinational state. The biggest role in the state always plays the leader, and in Russia, fortunately, there is a leader – Putin. I commend this man, he is not Leonid Brezhnev, to praise it, but he says the right things.
Now in Russia there is a strong state, there is the Russian people, who not only emotional compassion, but also a good weapon.
176644 900 What Central Asians think about the Russian march?
Abdygany Shakirov, the public organization “Kyrgyz Birimdigi – Kyrgyz Unity”:

Honestly, I have not even had time to see where and when the march passes. I remember that he was held on November 4 National Unity Day.
What can I say? The march frightens our workers, our fellow citizens. For them – those who come to Russia to work – nothing good in the very fact of the march, I do not see. I do not watch very carefully for this event, and to assess, it is necessary to look – Does the participants mottos and slogans and every year they have the same agenda, what demands they put forward, and so on.
However, from the point of view of elementary life in Marsh does not bring anything good. There have already been cases where affected our fellow citizens who simply worked during the march in Moscow courtyards.
And in order to understand this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand clearly what they want, participants of the “Russian March”, as they are consistent.
In general, given the international agenda, perhaps it makes sense to organize demonstrations against the advocacy of the “Islamic State” (an organization banned in Russia by court decision). The very situation in the world makes us all to be together, to be organized, to be near. Together we are strong, together we are invincible. Our people build the country together, fought together against a common enemy, and if you continue to be so – we will stay by force.
We can not respond to evil with evil, therefore, to carry out any such actions against the march or alternative march is not necessary. I think the participants of the “Russian march” come to their senses and change their slogans and demands. Especially in a time when almost the whole world is against Russia.
We must remember that the friendly Russia country are found in the CIS, so we have to stick together.
176991 900 What Central Asians think about the Russian march?

Usman Barat Uzbek fraternity “Vatandosh”:
On the “Russian march” I only know what the media tell. Yes, and there’s something I was able to see out of the corner of the eye. And as a result of the fact that I know nothing good about the march, I can not say. He is a disgrace to our multinational Motherland – Russia.
The roots of this phenomenon in the modern Russian Federation must be sought in the 1990s of the last century, the supporters Barkashov (Alexander Barkashov – public figure, the founder of the movement “Russian National Unity” – a comment. “Heathcliff!”), Then there were skinheads, and later – and the “Russian march”.
Do not give it to evolve, because it can lead to the disintegration of the state next in 1991. And what remains?Muscovy from the Arbat Military District? It wants “Russian March”?
Marchers say the main slogan “Russia – for the Russian.” And – we clean the non-Russians from Russia? I will recall the words of Vladimir Putin if Russian rub – there Tartar looks.
Remember, everyone is bound to have a modern Russian ancestors from among the representatives of other nationalities. Even the word “Russian” – is the name of the association clans, tribes, peoples in a single entity.This is all purely formal things. We are not going to divide people by the color of the skin and eyes?
Russia – a country that is located in Europe and Asia. For this reason, with the “Russian march” you can be back at the origins, the Moscow principality.
I do not expect anything from the participants of the “Russian march”, but expect action from the government of the Russian Federation, waiting, when will they – nationalists – will be engaged. I believe that even the roots of the “Islamic state” are growing in number and of such actions.
I must say that the Russian people – friendly, nice and kind.
It is a very friendly people. A “Russian march” a disgrace to the people.
With the “Russian march” I do not ever reconciled, for me, the participants would be like the Nazis, the Fascists. Unfortunately, all the people there are those who have forgotten that we were fighting against fascism together. My ancestors fought against fascism!



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