The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

The international news agency Reuters published a story of its photographers, who were able to make the most vivid picture of the year. Reporters were told how they were able to take pictures, which show the most dramatic moments, they felt at that time and what was happening around them. On the march of solidarity in Paris after the attack, as amended Hebdo satirical magazine Charlie. The picture was taken on January 11. Photographer Stephane Mahe took the arrival of heads of state who participated in the march, walked through the streets in a crowd of demonstrators who marched with banners “We are all – Charly” and was on the Place de la Nation. “The end of the day, soft light. I walked around the statue of “The Triumph of the Republic” looking at something like waving a French flag and a pencil. I was lucky that everything has got the shot, I was able to combine a dramatic light, dynamic gesture with a giant pencil and expressive group of people around the statue, “- says Mahe. Online photo dubbed as “Pencil leading man” finding parallels with the painting of Eugene Delacroix, “Liberty Leading the People.” Photographer considers the comparison interesting, but somewhat surprised that it felt so symbolic picture.

jutkie photo 2015 02 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Picture taken in the suburbs of the capital of Burundi. Protesters dragged along the ground a policewoman because she allegedly shot a girl among them. The name of the police – Medikintos Inabeza, her 33 years.The crowd attacked her after she hesitated and fell behind colleagues. She seized weapons, accusing that it was she injured their comrade Kalashnikov. Photographer Goran Tomasevic said that the time did not see the wounds. According to him, the first woman was beaten by five to ten people, and then the crowd had grown to 20-30 people. Kicked, the photographer noticed a few knives and the attackers thought they were going to deprive his victim of life. Tomasevic was surprised that the police, in which the crowd threw stones, kept aloof. Only two of them tried to save her. For a woman even joined one of the protesters. The fight lasted for about 20-30 minutes, and then something happened that surprised the photographer. For some reason, the crowd released prisoner. Moreover, she said, in what direction to go to meet their colleagues. “I did not understand what had happened. I’ve been in situations where a mad crowd of terrible things happening, but nothing like this had not seen “- said the reporter.

jutkie photo 2015 01 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Migrant Bangladeshis and Rohingya people close to the marina in Myanmar. They were rescued from the boat, where more than 730 people, off the southern coast of the country. They spent at sea for more than two months, suffering from thirst and hunger. “A few minutes before the time recorded on a frame, it poured rain. Men rushed to get water in bottles and plates, “- explains the author of the image Esoe Zeya.Soon the refugees were taken in buses and trucks to the camp, where they were met by representatives of international humanitarian agencies. Photo taken on June 4th.

jutkie photo 2015 03 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

From Paris music hall “Bataklan” captured November 13 terrorists who carried the wounded. Author Christian Hartmann shot anticipating a relaxing weekend, when on Friday, after ten o’clock, a call from the office. Alarmed by the editor he explained that in the east of Paris cafes fired and told to go there as soon as possible. Hartmann domchalsya to the Bureau, took the camera lens and went to the district “Bataklana.” Police warned journalists that terrorists can treat them as a target, and ordered them to hide in the shelter. The streets were empty. Hartmann with two colleagues sheltered in the apartment of a young man. Photographers were on duty at the window. Around midnight, music hall heard explosions.Reporters did not see what was happening at the “Bataklana” because the entrance to the concert hall of the window is not visible. Make the first images they had after the operation of special forces. Bloodied men wrapped in a blanket, carried out of the club. “We tried to capture the emotions of the moment. Some told us. Their stories were appalling, “- says photographer.

jutkie photo 2015 04 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

October 20 in the city of Hebron, a Palestinian who was driving a truck ran over an Israeli, and he died soon afterwards in hospital. According to the Israeli police, the victim was driving the car, and the Palestinians pelted her with stones. He stopped on the roadside, went out of the car. At this point, he was hit by a truck. By the end it was unclear whether intentional or hitting the accident occurred. Surrendered to Palestinian authorities insist on the latter. “I’ve seen people shoot and kill. But it was especially frightening in its cruelty, “- says the author of the picture. Despite the shock and overflowing with emotion, he managed to keep his composure and continue shooting. “Capture a moment that will never happen again – a solid foundation of photojournalism”, – said the reporter.

jutkie photo 2015 05 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Syrian refugee rescues the child near the Greek island of Lesbos, September 12. Inflatable boat with refugees capsized no apparent reason. Panic-stricken people trying to survive, clinging to the boat.Someone who knew how to swim, helping those who could not. Photographer Alkis Konstantinidis made a series of shots. One – man, tired and swim close to fainting, on the other – two are trying to keep afloat his companion. Someone was calling loudly for help. The reporter took a picture, and on the bank learned that this refugee from Syria. When Konstantinidis start editing photos, it became clear that this photo Syrian most expressive as a child in his arms at that moment was fast asleep, like a lullaby after.

jutkie photo 2015 06 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

The body of a woman who died during a fire in the street Kramatorsk, February 10, 2015. Photographer along with the crew returning from Reuters debaltsevskogo front. Someone from the group saw a tweet about the shelling of Kramatorsk, so they went there. The team reached the city after an hour and the first thing they saw – lying on the ground the body of a murdered woman. According to the photographer, the locals were just passing. This went on for at least half an hour. Then they brought the fabric to cover the body. My husband looked for her everywhere, could not find. Seeing her on the ground, he frantically called an ambulance, the police or any other car to transport the body. Author Gleb Garanich image was born in Russia, his wife, a native of Western Ukraine, their children speak both languages. “I’ve never imagined that there would be a war,” – he says.

jutkie photo 2015 07 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

The Palestinians are trying to prevent Israeli soldiers detained a teenager during a protest in Nabi Saleh against the construction of Jewish settlements 28 August, 2015. Mohamad Torokman: “I am totally focused on taking pictures, not allowing anything to distract myself. Photographer important to be patient. It may take an hour or even several hours before suddenly will have a chance to make a strong shot. We must be ready for this chance and be able to guess. Capture the scene that the most eloquent testimony of what is happening. ”

jutkie photo 2015 08 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Johannesburg, South Africa, on 12 August. Handcuffed – suspected infiltration into the house of a family of police officers. Author picture: “I found out that the house of my neighbors who had broken, and they need help. When we were with the other inhabitants of nearby houses rushed to them, they saw on the ground wounded. His accomplices fled, but one then detained policemen patrolling the area. Both thieves were handcuffed, they were crying and asked the gathered people not to beat them. In our area of ​​frequent thefts, a few weeks ago someone in broad daylight, robbed my car, stealing all her lying in photographic equipment. Although I was angry and wound up due to the fact that the robbery occurred near my house, I was able to keep his composure, reminding himself of his duty photojournalist. ”

jutkie photo 2015 09 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

The representative of the staff removes the flag of Iran from the scene after the talks on Iran’s nuclear program, which took place in Vienna. Photo taken July 14, 2015. Carlos Barria: “I came to Vienna with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Media representatives were not allowed to close the session, we were isolated about 1-2 minutes a day on a photo shoot. The most difficult thing in such circumstances – every day to do the original footage. After all, whenever the situation is the same: people sitting around a table and talk. July 14 the foreign ministers of the United States, Iran, China, Russia, Britain, Germany, France and the European Union took the stage to talk about the agreements. After the ceremony, when my colleagues in the editorial ran send footage, I paused to see how the carry flag. And the employee took the flag of Iran and the USA flag passed by. I realized that the other photographers around me there, and I was able to make an important shot. Lesson: it is necessary first to go last. ”

jutkie photo 2015 10 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Syrian migrants trying to get to the territory of Hungary. August 27, 2015. Bernadett Szabo: “The train tracks on the border of Serbia and Hungary are not protected. The refugees got over them in Hungary. I came to the border each day at 6 am. It was the only place where the Hungarians had not yet erected a barrier of barbed wire. Go easy path, but many migrants prefer to jump over the fence from a wire in the hope of escape from the police, who were waiting for them to come. Wire itself was not so prickly, to break through the thick gloves. I and a dozen photographers walked along the fence, some distance away from the tracks. In the bushes we saw migrants who were trying podgadat moment. All watching each other. Photographers – for migrants, those – for the police, the police – for the photos. Starred in such conditions, it was a true test of the ability to maintain neutrality. Do not cut the wire, do not drum up the refugees, not to signal the police. ”

jutkie photo 2015 11 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Hippopotamus on a flooded street in Tbilisi (Georgia). Picture taken on June 14 after the flooding caused by rainstorms. Due to the floods killed at least 12 people. It was partially destroyed metropolitan zoo were killed and hundreds of animals. Tigers, lions, bears – only about three dozen inhabitants of the zoo – escaped from the cell and walked around the city. Beso Gulashvili: “I was on the street from 23:30. This photograph was taken the next day at 6 am. The memory card from my camera was almost full, was just the place for a couple of frames. Until now, anything like I was as a photographer did not face. The heroes of my previous stories were people and animals here. I bought a watch for my 14 year old daughter in the store 2 days before the flood. Now before him stood a hippopotamus. If he had decided to attack, I would have only one – very uncomfortable – a way to retreat. The distance between us does not exceed 25 meters, but I realized that even such a powerful animal is very difficult to move in such filth. And the police were ready to save me in case of attack. ”

jutkie photo 2015 12 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Four-Ghazal (left) and Judy with a seven-year eight-month Zuhair run away from the place where the convoy of the Syrian branch of the Red Cross underwent shelling in Damascus May 6, 2015. Author: “The convoy carrying medical supplies and food for the children affected by the war. I sat on the pavement, the children crowded around me, that I photographed them. And then the shell fell. Killed a woman volunteer, many were injured. The children were scared, they began to cry. The most difficult thing in this situation: to make a decision. In war, these decisions have to be taken daily. I knew that in a few seconds to fall the next round. Fleeing with the others? To help carry away the wounded? Or take a photo until the victims carry? To calm crying children? All these questions need to be answered immediately, to make a picture. ”

jutkie photo 2015 13 The story of the most dramatic shots Reuters photographers in 2015 (14 photos)

Hungarian cameraman Peter Laszlo puts bandwagon migrant with a child in her arms, who on September 8 with other refugees broke through a police cordon near the border with Serbia. Depicting the moment the photographer says that workers waited for them will be taken to a temporary camp, but all the buses did not come, because the nearest camp for several days was crowded. After waiting for more than a day, the refugees have begun to demand that they were released. “There were about a thousand people and Hungarian police officers – about 50 came up to me a few workers and said that after 15 minutes it will try to run away and they need to have a number of journalists. They were afraid that the police will beat them. I have colleagues from Reuters stood and waited. After 15 minutes, someone shouted, “run!”, And workers rushed in all directions. I saw a police officer grabbed the man’s jacket with the child. The man screamed, the child began to cry. After a few seconds the police let them go. The man ran back five meters and suddenly fell. When I edited the photos, I saw a picture of the operator. And then I watched the video with the same episode, filmed from a different angle, and I realized what I was able to catch the moment.Only at Reuters have pictures of this scene. ”

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