The first modular mobile phone went on sale

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At the sale there was the first modular mobile phone, Fairphone 2. This is the second product of Fairphone, and the first real modular smartphone, available in stores. Virtually any user with a little skill can to dismantle it and replace one of the seven constituent parts of the phone. Phone number is composed of the main body, battery, display, rear camera, receiver, speaker and the rear cover. All these parts are easily separated sufficiently from each other, without any special skill or the use of complex instruments. Creators phone primarily want to take care of the environment. They try to use their expression, set of “non-conflictual raw material” (ie, raw materials produced on the cheap in areas with unstable situation until the fighting) and seek to ensure that the phone, or at least some of their components They served the people as long as possible. Thus, in their idea, mankind will be able to slow down the excessive use of valuable resources.

Diagonal screen phone – 5.1 “, it is running on Android 5.1 Lollipop. Platform – Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. The phone supports two SIM-cards. The cost of the device – € 525. The well-known company is a partner iFixIt Fairphone. In November, it received its skillful hands early instance Fairphone 2 and confirmed that he knows only by hand and a screwdriver. As a result, the smart phone has received the highest rating on a scale to be repaired, 10 of 10 – more than rewarded any other tested cell phone. The most famous and anticipated project unit Smartphone – This Project Ara from Google. This is not just a single version of the phone, but an attempt to create an entire platform of open specifications to promote the ideas of modular electronics. Pilot testing Project Ara scheduled for next year.



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