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Ten unfairly deprived of attention of good films in 2015

“Star Wars: The Awakening forces” act in film distribution, as an elephant in a china shop, spreading competitors and heaping box office records.Competing studio prepared to march in advance of the new episode – in the next few weeks, including the New Year’s holiday, high-profile theatrical premieres, except for a few favorites of the upcoming “Oscar” is not expected.

The fact that from the “Star Wars” will soon be nowhere to go, does not mean that this year there was another good movie. Browser TJ Ivan Talachёv prepared a list of ten great films of 2015, which could pass by the ordinary viewer, but it is clearly worthy of attention – one tape for each day of the New Year holidays.

“Drugs» / «Dope»

Crime comedy about three black teens caught first on the adult party, then in trouble with a cargo of banned stimulants. Bold and ironic film deftly jumps from genre to genre, pretending to be the comedy, the crime drama, the sort of teenage version of “Ocean’s Eleven friends.”

In addition to the genre confusion, there is also cultural. The main characters – fans of hip-hop nineties with all relevant attributes: bright shirt, wide jeans and a haircut “playground.”

In the course of the story, they discover the world of drug trafficking, learn how to use Bitcoins, TOR browser and open stores in darkvebe. All this under the soundtrack of the main rap hits twenty years ago, selected by Pharrell Williams, executive producer and music consultant for the film.

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“A girl without complexes» / «Trainwreck»

The new comedy from director Judd Apatow, whose last two films (“Funny People” and “Love is a grown-up”), audiences and critics recognized misses. This time, Apatow shot not by their scenario, and the scenario known American standup comedian Amy Schumer, who played a major role in the film.

From the union of good comedy director and screenwriter turned out excellent, perhaps the funniest comedy this year. Schumer playfully mocks and exposes the screen all women’s neuroses and emotional turmoil associated with new relationships, and her on-screen partner, the novel deals with Bill Hader is absolutely the same – only the male audience.

“A girl without complexes” to the closing credits is not just a comedy, where they play sports stars and a few celebrities, as the most courageous and comprehensive statement about the relationship in 2015.

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“Lobster» / «Lobster»

In the near future people for one reason or another have lost their partner, according to the laws of the City, sent to a special hotel. There they have 45 days to visitors from other hotel to choose a mate. Those who after this period, and does not find a new partner in life, transform into an animal of choice and sent home.

To tell something more about the new film by Greek director Yorgos Lantimosa virtually meaningless. This is the best role of Colin Farrell in the past few years. It gathered around him an interesting and unusual plot the cast that includes Rachel Weisz, as well as the stars of the latest Bond movie – Léa Seydoux and Ben Whishaw. This, if you believe in a strange world, melancholic, but a good story about how strange and pointless to try to control love.

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“Be a man» / «Man Up»

Most British comedy in the list. The heroine of Lake Bell, which is about her loneliness bored friends and family, coincidentally is on another “blind” date, where he meets the charming bespectacled by Simon Pegg. The two spend together a day during which the friends, and then rake a decent emotional baggage each other.

“Be a man” sometimes it seems the plot for a large anthology of stories about love, like the brilliant British film “Love Actually”, which this year celebrates 12 years. He pustovat and slightly naive, but at the same time full of wonderful kindness and warmth that modern romantic comedy is sometimes severely lacking.

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“I am, Earl and dying woman» / «Me and Earl and the Dying Girl»

Somewhere in the internet recently it could be seen joking observation that all the best drama about teenagers should definitely include cancer as a plot element, or they seem to just not allowed to rent or even more is rejected at the stage of the application scenario.

“I am, Earl and dying woman,” begins with the story of two friends, who are engaged in ironic peresёmkami film classics on a home camera, famously mocking at the names and stories “A Clockwork Orange” and “Apocalypse Now.”

In their company fits ill with cancer girl Rachel, with which the protagonist makes friends mom. Despite a distinct tinge of indie drama festival for and about teenagers, “Dying Girl” – a great movie, if only because it has the audacity to repeatedly cheat the viewer through its hero.

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“Victoria» / «Victoria»

A girl named Victoria leaves the club late at night. After a few hours of her shift to open a cafe in Berlin, but on the way home, she met with the four jolly guys who offer to accompany her to the place of work and obviously do not understand the word “no.”

Guys will not rapists or freaks, but one of them will be quite dark pages in the biography, to start from the middle of the film the story in an unexpected direction.And this division – not the main feature of the tape.

Its main feature is that it was taken up a non-stop without any gluing lasting 138 minutes. At least for this focus is to look eventful night Spanish emigrant in Berlin.

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“Present» / «The Gift»

The couple moved to a new city, and in the first days of a new life meets a man with whom her husband was in the same school. He behaves a little strange, but kind and sympathetic – is constantly visited by with gifts and visits almost every day. At one point the couple decides that their personal space is in danger, and taken to throw the intruder out of the circle of communication.

Directorial debut of the Australian actor Joel Edgerton, it seems, is about to turn into a remake of “Cape Fear”, another great film about how scary when the door stands a man whom you are not invited, and other horrors associated with the American notion of private property.

“Gift” is smarter and at the end of the most daring surprise plot turn of the year in which wolves and sheep change places several times, and the viewer can only blink in surprise.

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“Killer» / «Sicario»

The new work directed by Denis Villeneuve, one of the most controversial film directors of our time, which has a great drama about family, kidnapping and human malice (“captive”) adjacent to the filmography from the art-house film, analyzes scenes which flooded YouTube and continue to appear (“Enemy” ).

This time the action takes place on the border of Mexico and the United States, and the film is dedicated to the activities of a special unit to fight cartels supplying drugs to the United States. Film, pretending criminal militant, actually talks about methods of struggle against absolute evil that can win by following the logic of the script, but an even greater evil.

Get to the end of the uncomfortable and hard film of the year to help the best job an actor Benicio Del Toro in recent years, Emily Blunt, which now threatens to play in action movies for the rest of life, and a luxurious soundtrack composer Johann Johannson, entirely composed of the most disturbing sounds that can only publish tools.

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“Rootless animals» / «Beasts of No Nation»

Online Movies Netflix, has teeth on hand in the production of television series (“House of Cards,” “Daredevil”), I decided to take up with the same force for the production of films. We decided to make his debut with a bang.

As the script adapted the novel toughest Nigerian-American writer Uzodinmy Iweala about child soldiers from an unnamed African country. In the director’s chair director put all series of the first season of “real detective” Cary Fukunaga.And the role of the leader of the detachment of armed students took Idris Elba – star of the series “Luther” and is rumored to be the next Bond. The result: the highest evaluation, critical acclaim and awards of several festivals.

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“Remove Friend» / «Unfriended»

During the conversation through Skype to the two lovers join their friends at school. A group of teenagers somewhat alarmed: firstly, today the anniversary of the suicide of their common friend, and secondly, chatting is one more person who went with her account.

Great horror movie already filmed for the generation that can scare, for example, an inactive button “Remove from friends” in Facebook or coming from a dead friend’s account posts. See it makes sense right from the laptop screen, the entire film takes place at the main character on the display, and it is ten times more interesting and more original looks than it seems from the description.

Horror films have long been turned into street fighting between the bold project mocked the laws of the genre (“Cabin in the Woods” and released this year’s “Last Girl”) and cash, “crackers” – cheaper to manufacture, but fought back for the first weekend rolled tapes that studio uniformly delivers each year.

Once upon a time over “Saw” is gradually eroding the cash fuse “Paranormal Activity.” In this context, it is the “Remove from friends” have the potential to become the most experimental horror that we have to watch every year, because the sequel already in the works.

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Ten unfairly deprived of attention of good films in 2015

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