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Strange consequences of tornadoes in the United States (3 photos)

On Saturday, April 12, 2014 over the city of Smithfield, New South Wales, tornadoes swept strange. What is most interesting, the tornado left behind a very strange substance that was scattered everywhere.

tornado 01 Strange consequences of tornadoes in the United States (3 photos)


As reported at the News, Saturday resident Australian suburb of Smithfield, located in the state of New South Wales, sat on the porch and watched the rain, when the wind suddenly intensified, foreshadowing, according to men, the appearance of a tornado.
“When the wind speed increased, I realized that ensue, – says Peter Burgess (Peter Burgess). – Just rampant disaster reminded me of a tornado in Sydney (December of 2005) and what is happening in Queensland in 2013, the year in which the cyclone hit, “Oswald.” I heard an incredibly loud noise, as if the plane landed near a jet engine, and immediately ran into the house. ” 
Aussie was in the cottage until until the wind died down, and then went outside to assess the damage. 
“It really was tornadoes, but rather mini – tornado raged for several minutes. Despite this, the traces of its activities stretched for 200 meters: everywhere strewn branches and small trees uprooted. I examined the fallen tree when he noticed a pile of chips on the translucent drops, resembling pieces of mucus “- described his discovery Burgess.
tornado 02 Strange consequences of tornadoes in the United States (3 photos)
Discovered substance so intrigued by a man that he photographed it and sent the picture data experts from James Cook University (James Cook University), adding that the clusters are very similar to jellyfish.He said leading specialist Australian university Jamie Seymour (Jamie Seymour).
tornado 03 Strange consequences of tornadoes in the United States (3 photos)
He questioned the version inhabitant of the ocean and said that he could not identify the establishment or substance Telling Australian. 
noteworthy that forecasters were also puzzled about the mysterious message Burgess tornado of jellyfish.
“We have no official record of tornadoes that occurred in the suburb of Smithfield Saturday, but it is theoretically possible, – told reporters specialist Nathaniel Robin (Robin Nataniela) from the Bureau of Meteorology responsible for weather forecasting and hazard warning in Australia. – It could well be a tornado or funnel cloud. “



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