Solar Energy: Suitcase energy for tourists

The roots of my love for tourism back to ancient times when I was the first year of life – then I was the first time my parents took a hike into the mountains. Years passed, geography, travel multiply and camp set remained about the same, except that the technique updated: tents were not the canvas and synthetic (much lighter and more compact), sleeping bags are smaller and warmer, the trees more … And only one, light source was unchanged – flashlight with halogen lamp. Sat down batteries quickly and candles in the tent absolutely can not be used as tents burn especially quickly. Only with the advent of powerful LEDs problem began solved.
I grew up, but love to tourism has remained – I had to sleep in a tent in the Bois de Boulogne, the same tent covered by the wind on the French Riviera Mediterranean coast, wrapped in a sleeping bag in Karelia, slept on the Skin on the southern coast of Crimea. And everywhere, anyway, there is the issue of power supply: charge the camera and the camera, ensure the notebook power to continue the work, play music (though I am not a fan of the music in nature), to charge the screwdriver (had to work on the way), well and secure camp night lighting. In general, the source of energy is always needed.
I’ve been fond of autonomous sources of energy and solar energy, which is even written a lot of publications, and this year, my hands got mobile sources of energy (MIE Travel). But because it was a test sample, it would be wrong to write about it once, but now I got a production sample, and happy to share the experience. It will be particularly interesting on the eve of the new year (for me it turned out to be a great gift), and is very important in connection with the energy developments on the peninsula of Crimea.

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In summer, when the project was held RAFT Alexei Zemskov and I had a chance to take part in the implementation of solar power plants, I saw a copy of the test of mobile solar power.

Who serial sample of mobile solar power is as follows: Acquisition of the suitcase is quite rich: 1. 4 LED lamp with fastening 2.the charging cable from the cigarette lighter of the car 3. the charging cable from the solar panels (10 m) 4. Cable direct connection to the battery 5. Cable connections to the IVI Crystal (mobile water purification system, will write about it separately) 6. a knife with a sheath on his hip and fastening 7. Special hiking Lighter

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Photo equipment

Himself suitcase has an enviable technical features (taken from the manufacturer’s website):
The body of highly durable plastic,
built-in battery (rechargeable battery): capacity 36 Ah * 12
Inverter voltage: output voltage of 220 V, 500 W
solar controller MPPT 12/24 15 A ( allows you to charge the battery and in cloudy weather).
Recommended solar panel output voltage of 12V or 24V power of 200 W (sold separately). Now examine the suitcase from all sides. At each end there are various connectors. On the one hand: 1. socket 220 V 2. Connector terminals cars (cable 4 in the photo above) 3. 4 connectors for LED lamps 4. an ordinary car cigarette lighter socket 5. general machine switch the entire system 6. Switch 220V inverter with operation indicator and overload on the other hand: 1. connector connecting solar panels 2.connector to connect an external charger (charger fit any laptop with a suitable connector) 3. USB connector 4. the vent suitcase weighs around 15 kg, is made ​​of sturdy plastic with secure latches and has a rather compact dimensions. In the video screen is periodically appears on top of the suitcase. It displays the current battery voltage and current balance if the balance is positive and built-in battery is being charged, the figures will be a positive value. If the energy consumption will be greater than the arrival, the current value is negative. It is curious to observe the change of digits when using appliances and the bright sun. It is also necessary to note the presence of a standard car cigarette lighter. Since each motorist there is a lot of technique, honed under the operation in a car, then this connector will not be empty for sure. For example, there are road boilers and kettles, TVs powered by 12V. The camp can be equipped with video surveillance system, connected to this DVR suitcase. There are all sorts of devices can be supplied, if not the factory with this car?

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Photos from 4 sides

Earlier, I mentioned that the kit contains a cable connection to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. This not only allows you to recharge the internal battery on the go, but also to use an inverter to equip the machine to 220V socket. I once watched the road used multivarka (350W): It can be used as a wearable battery with an inverter and a constant source of energy, as we did in the summer camp. But for this we need to add solar panels power up to 200 watts, as the solar controller 15A longer simply can not handle. And the average output of panels in the summer sunny day will be around 1.5 kWh of energy, and this will be enough to charge the battery all the gadgets camp and left. It should be noted that the solar controller has the support of MPPT, which means that solar panels can be connected in series for higher voltages, which generally increases the efficiency of the system (less current, thinner wires, less losses, the possibility of charging in diffused light). Solar panels can choose any, but they are coated with a glass pretty overall and heavy, and the manufacturer offers a compact dual solar panel – its thickness is in the collection of less than 4 centimeters – is at its widest point and only because of the metal legs. The entire kit fits easily even in the trunk of a compact car. I was carrying it on the Mitsubishi Colt. For the sake of the experiment, I tried to start the vehicle from this suitcase. To be honest, the car stood all night in the cold, the battery is removed and connected suitcase. What came of it-on video:

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Laptops, phones and cameras were charged correctly, but was curious as to how the suitcase transfer work with power tools. The test began with a jigsaw and grinder:

Video demonstrates the operation of power tools and independent reboot suitcase even after overload. In the case of the Bulgarian issue resolved simply: less pressure and accurate work with the engine speed allowed in the end, saw through the sheet, and then the valves. Movies sometimes come at a noticeable distance from civilization and a fairly long time, so the idea to start from Suitcase bakery, it is far easier to bake bread on the spot than every few days to go to the nearest village for fresh bread. BREAD I Moulinex Uno with the stated capacity of 700 watts. Let me remind you that the bag is equipped with an inverter Mikroart MIE 500 watts. The experiment went interesting. While warmed heater in bread machine, the inverter periodically went into overdrive, but after a moment turned on and bakery continued to work. When the heater is hot and the power consumption is decreased slightly, the inverter stopped off. It is necessary to warn that during baking (3 hours) bakery uses about 600-650 Wh, that is, the sun should shine very good to make up for the energy in the battery, which is only 432 Wh if the batteries are fully planted. Therefore, it is necessary to either connect the bag to the car battery or adjust the start of baking to the clear and sunny weather to solar panels worked with might and main. With the help of a power meter, I gave the power at which the inverter went into overdrive: 539 watts. Conclusion In general, the device proved to be very Stability and performance: the possibility of power tools and instruments are sufficient for marching variant are several ways to charge will not leave without electricity, and rich equipment and will allow the car to start, and highlight the camp and a fire to ignite and meat for kebabs cut (do not forget about turbo lighter and knife). I believe that a set of suitcases and thin solar panels join my camp belongings without much damage to trunk space, and the issue of energy supply will be lifted for a long time. Finally, a few photos of the summer operation of the mobile station. Full tourist kit: kit at work: The view from the water at the camp:

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