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Search wife in Russia. Reviewed Azerbaijani

269900 900 Search wife in Russia. Reviewed Azerbaijani

They say the fate did not go away. Probably this is the case, which occurred with this young guy. It Parviz Badalov. He is 24 and he grew up in Azerbaijan. 9 years ago, he moved to Russia, and in some circumstances and how he lives here – we learned during our meeting. Parviz, tell me under what circumstances did you decide to move in with us? -In 2006, I with my parents decided to move to Russia, to get an education here.The idea was the parents, and I did not mind, because I have here a lot of friends and classmates who had moved earlier. Also, a cousin. I’ve heard a lot about St. Petersburg good, and something to hide – we have over 50% of Azerbaijan seeks to move here.

Yes, that many Azerbaijanis live here, we know. It turned out to complete their education? Was the objective of the parents?
I was trying to do, but because of poor knowledge of Russian had some problems, and then I had to start working to help the family. While we are going through hard times.

And takes your life here? What now earn?
I’ve been where he worked, from the porter and ending with a waiter in a restaurant. But in the end we came to open a small family business. We have 2 grocery stores. Yes this stage, it is enough to us.

What do you much loved in Russia after the move? What are the main points can stress?
First of all – the girls are very beautiful. I was online Russian girl named Anya, we lived together for a year, but then had to leave. She was a beauty, but a very complex character (laughs). Secondly, I like it in St. Petersburg, is the fact that there is calm and friendly people. This is very similar to my hometown Lenkoran.Nu, and thirdly, I like Russian football. Here, youngsters played very well.

In recent times, and the truth, Russian football went to another level. But with the girls – it’s a matter of chance.
And what you have with the girls at the moment? Do so and could not find his narrowing?

Let’s discuss the order. In 2013, I met a girl on the street Charming waterfront when progulilvalsya evening.For a long time just talking. We do not accepted by the customs to live together, as the pair did not sign it.

How is it? You just said that he lived with the girl Anya whole year?
I caught you me (smiles). Anya was a Russian, and this girl was my countrywoman. As fate St. Petersburg brought us together. So a year later, after approval gives birth, we decided to get married. Now we have been married for a year and I am very happy. Probably, if I had not moved to Russia, we would never have met.
* At the personal request Parviz, a photo with his wife, we do not publish. * Now I understand what you’re saying. As they say, the fate did not go away. What are your plans for the future? Evolve in a family business or do something else? Do you plan to stay in Russia? The wife is now receiving higher education at the doctor. Then, when she got in the profession, it has to be seen. Parents are already mature, they pulled back, yet the climate is not to their liking. And we are good. So now difficult to say about the plans, most likely we will stay, but if suddenly the parents would insist – to loop back. With the formation of the Petersburg wife, we are not there just be gone. These are interesting responses received during our conversation. Have Parviz and his wife to have everything worked out in Russia. Good doctors we need.



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