Scientists have invented a cheap way of turning sea water into fresh water

Specialists of the University of Illinois found the energy-efficient material that is able to filter the salt from sea water. Nanomaterial films of molybdenum sulfide in the future can save arid regions of the problems with access to fresh water and allow the water crisis on the planet.

Current desalination systems have a number of significant drawbacks: high cost, high power consumption and rapid clogging of the system, explains resource A group of scientists managed to make ultra-thin films of molybdenum disulfide with microscopic holes. They pass through them the water molecules and the ions of salts and other components are delayed.

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Opening managed to do by accident. In fact, researchers have experimented with detectors of the DNA molecules of the films graphite and molybdenum disulphide. It turned out that the latter is much more effective than other systems, desalination and purification of water from salt to cope much better quality: they require less maintenance costs and less power, and the thin film capable of withstanding the required pressure and volume of water.

Now scientists are working on a prototype and are looking for funding.



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