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Rules of conduct of teachers 100 years ago

I offer you a list that was drawn up in 1915 under the instruction for school teachers in Virginia, USA. In much the same instructions obeyed while teachers in Russia and in Europe.

1. The teacher has no right to go on a date with a man.
2. Teachers are not allowed to marry and marry during the school year.
3. All teachers are required to stay home from 8 pm to 6 am, unless they are engaged in cases involving the school.
4. Teachers are not allowed to spend long periods in cafes and restaurants.
5. Forbidden to go out of town without special permission from the school.
6. Smoking is not permitted.
7. The teacher has no right to go in a carriage or automobile with a man, if it’s not her brother or father.
8. Teachers are not allowed to wear clothing of vibrant colors.
9. It is forbidden to dye your hair.
10. The teacher should be worn under a dress top for at least two petticoats.
11. The dress should not be shorter than 7 inches above the ankle.
12. Teachers should keep classrooms clean and tidy: each day the floor should be swept and washed with hot water and soap. In winter, the teacher should begin to heat the oven from 7 am to 8 hours for when children come into the classroom was warm.
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