Overview of Russia’s only “smart” iron Redmond SkyIron

Occasionally equipment manufacturers strained chasing exclusivity. Here we have, for example, “the world’s first tablet to Android 5.1 devices, including an 8-inch screen.” Funny sounds? Well, even if it’s not funny, somehow … strained something. In the case of the hero of our review and cunning to invent not work at all desire. And it is not necessary. Redmond SkyIron – actually the first and only Russian iron with the possibility of remote control from your smartphone / tablet.

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We no longer say, iron Redmond SkyIron – just one of the representatives of a whole range of household appliances, controlled remotely via Bluetooth or via the Internet. In a series of Redmond Smart Home still have Multivarki, kettles, coffee makers, humidifiers and air cleaners, floor and kitchen scales, heaters. All devices are characterized in that they contain a wireless module capable of receiving commands from other devices. To supply these teams developed an application Ready for Sky. It is available for iOS and Android and allows you to remotely manage the entire range of equipment lines Redmond Smart Home.By the way, you probably know that Smart Home is translated as “smart home”? Thus, the Redmond company is developing a new concept of smart home. You do not need a separate cottage and significant investments for the installation of intelligent system. You can simply buy the device you need and manage them from any distance. For example, more luxuriating in bed in the morning, you can instruct the kettle to boil water. Well, or the coffee machine – make coffee. In advance multivarku can put the ingredients and start cooking dinner for the arrival of a child from school, being at that time at work. The heater can be preset to include that on arrival from work to be in a heated room. The option of using completely. As there was, I’m sorry, “Our Rush”? “We live in the most beautiful country, and all the others envy us.” This is to ensure that the range of Redmond Smart Home is only available in Russian. Sales started in the autumn of 2015 (although some models have appeared on the shelves at the end of 2014) and have been very successful. In 2016, smart appliances Redmond will be available in Europe and the United States. In the meantime – enjoy exclusive opportunities. Take, for example, iron. Now many will smile – well, why would he control over the Internet, things will iron itself? No, he will not. The basic sense of the remote control Redmond SkyIron – safe.Part of the story: the person leaves the house and after a while remembers that he forgot to turn off the iron. And okay, if a person is simply going to the country (you can return), and if sitting in the plane waiting for takeoff in? Ok, most modern irons has the option of automatic shutdown. But auto-shutdown occurs after a certain time, and to burn or start a fire, and sometimes the lack of minutes! For example, the parents went to visit the house and left the child of primary school age, who wished not to go anywhere. Then mom says that it is not turned off the iron. As long as the device will automatically shut down, it will take some time. During this time, the child may: – burn – put the iron on some surface, damaging it (the carpet, for example) – in the worst case – start a fire – to play “mother stroking things,” and spoil dorogushchee dress. And by the way, “samootklyuchivshiysya “iron left in the socket, easy to reactivate. If you fundamentally do not leave young children alone at home (and elderly relatives too), then maybe you have a cat or a dog. Cat, for example, can get a more warm ironing board and begin to lick their skin. Blackboard with the iron will of this wobble, iron “thinks” that it is used, and turns off itself. Total – risk of burning the cat, the probability of a fire in the host. A big dog can accidentally hurt the ironing board, iron may fall on some inflammable surface … How terrible to live, right? All of the above issues will help prevent iron Redmond SkyIron with a remote control. Not sure you turn off it? Open the application on your phone and check. If you do forget it, you turn off. If the child is at home, it is also a lock switch iron (it only work again for your team from Ready for Sky). Simple, convenient, safe! And by the way, will help to save energy – it is easier to turn off the iron with the smartphone than wait for it to Timer. We think that the usefulness of devaysa we have convinced you. Let’s now look at him more closely.

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● Model: RI-C250S SkyIron
● Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
● Power: 2200 W
● Protection against electric shock: Class I
● Control Type: mechanical, remote (technology for Sky Ready)
● Coverage of sole: ceramic
● Volume Water tank: 350 ml
● Steam boost: 125 g / min
● Continuous steam: 25 g / min
● Features and functions:
– vertical steam
– strong steam blow
– protection from scale
– protection against leakage
– protection from overheating
– water dispenser
– dry ironing
– Drip (“drop-stop”)
– self-cleaning
– Auto power off (after 8 minutes if the iron is standing upright, after 5 seconds, if there is a horizontal or down)
– child lock
– LED operating status
– hinged Cord
● Remote Control: Protocol Bluetooth v4.0, an application Ready for Sky runs on iOS 8.0+ and 4.3+ All Android
● Length of cable: 3 m “smart” iron Redmond SkyIron comes in a small box. Included in addition to the iron – a beaker, service book and instruction. Everything, as in the case with a conventional iron. Iron is made ​​of soft-touch plastic, glossy (it is partially translucent), assembly – perfect. Buttons spraying water and steam blow pressed clearly, the heating power controller turns easily and smoothly, cover the holes for water closes securely. In short, there is no claim to the ergonomics. “The sole” iron perfectly smooth and has a special relief to more effectively stripping. It is made ​​of ceramic, it is a very safe and durable material. The power cord is long, at the junction with the iron has a joint. Although the overall nothing outstanding design Redmond SkyIron not (all the elements of the standard), it must be said that the device looks attractive and bright. There are several colors – purple with white, purple and black, turquoise and black. On the temperature controller are marked with different kinds of fabrics. The manual is available for their detailed decoding with recommendations for ironing. The button activates the Calc Clean complete all internal and self-cleaning soleplate with steam. It is recommended to clean the iron so 2-3 times a month, depending on the hardness of the water used. Detailed instructions for self-cleaning are given in the instructions. Speaking of water. Iron also has the option “Antinakip”, it reduces water hardness / levels of calcium and other salts in the water. As a result, virtually no heater, a white plaque that can get on clothes. Among other features, we note proprietary system “Drop-Stop”. You can be confident that the iron does not miss a drop of water from the tank and easy to iron most delicate fabrics. We should also mention the system of Auto Redmond SkyIron. If you leave the iron in an upright position, the heating of the sole turns off itself after 8 minutes. If the iron is in a horizontal position for more than 5 seconds without movement, it is also automatically turned off. A similar trip in 5 seconds – an accidental fall. When Auto Power unit alarm sounds, and the LED indicator on the handle flashes. To continue ironing simply lift the iron, indicator lights heating soles. Well, the main characteristics discussed, it is time to talk about the most interesting – the process control iron from a smartphone (well, or tablet). For this purpose, as already mentioned, in your plate or smartphone based on iOS version 8.0 or higher / Android 4.3 or higher to install the application Ready for Sky (found in the official catalog of the software). Then you need to create an account, add your device from the general list and “make friends” with an iron program. For communication devices need to hold the iron in the “nose down”. You will hear three short beeps, and the indicator light on the handle will blink until the “Connect” is not established. Note – Management “smart” appliances Redmond realized via Bluetooth. So there is a limit distance, with whom the team – up to 50 meters. The reality may be much less dependent on the walls and other obstacles. Of course, there would be no point in the line of Redmond Smart Home, we had not thought possible to control from anywhere on the Internet. However, this will require another device. It will act as an intermediary in the transfer of command. You can use any inexpensive smartphone based on Android 4.3+ with support for Bluetooth 4.0 and Internet access. This smartphone should install utility R4S Gateway, and it will redirect your requests. As a broker, you can use any unnecessary smart or tablet. If those in your home is not found, then you can buy the operating device, there are now options for 1 500 rubles (that of locked – it does not matter). And yet look at the new offering from Redmond and MTS – a special smart-Gateway with preinstalled R4S Gateway and SIM-card with a special tariff. The tariff will cost 7.5 rubles per month. It is not intended to call or SMS, as well as to access the Internet anywhere, except for servers Ready for Sky. Agree – the amount of ridiculous. A connection via the mobile Internet more reliable than Wi-Fi. Well you never know, a provider of “fall”, the router will hang … It should set MTS 3495 rubles. Expensive – fact. However, when buying one unit of a series of Smart Home in official stores Redmond (including onlinestorefront), you can buy Gateway for 2995 rubles. When buying two devices Redmond price “transmitter” will drop in half and make 1745 rubles. Well, if you buy just three smart devices Redmond, the “Gateway” will receive a gift!


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You can immediately see the status of iron – he is off or on. And what is more interesting – shows the position of the iron space.For example, you will know whether the iron touch the baby (and maybe a pet has been dropped). In addition, knowing the position devaysa, can not be afraid to include it, as in the other room. You will have – and immediately begin ironing, without waiting for the maximum heating. Of course, doing this is not necessary if the iron is sole on some delicate tissues. Iron standing upright, can include heating. Someone knocked SkyIron, and he was hanging on a cord, or a smart iron fell from the table, or right now is in the hands of your curious child. Ready for Sky allows you to remotely turn off or on Redmond SkyIron, and activate the protection of children. The child if they wanted to be able to include iron, it can be done only from the mobile application.

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Well, it’s time to sum up. Before us is a high quality iron with plenty of useful options. Due to the ceramic base of a special relief it is perfectly slides on the fabric. Strong steam blow enable smooth even the most capricious material like linen. Vertical steam function is useful for curtains, outerwear, no frills on dresses. Sophisticated protection against leakage eliminates wet stains on clothes. “Antinakip” reduces the level of impurities in the water, which also protects your belongings. Swivel cord – it’s just convenient. Self-cleaning will extend the life of the iron. Auto power when not in use and child lock is important for safety.


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But in the case of the Redmond SkyIron all these advantages – a trifle. The main distinguishing feature of Redmond SkyIron – it can be managed remotely through an application for smartphones / tablets. And, consequently, an increased level of security that gives such control. No need to rack your brains, you turn off the iron and whether to return home. Just look at the smartphone – off or on, what position is. Your loved ones and pets will be safe. And the main thing – peace of the soul, because it is worth it! By the way, on the cost. Redmond SkyIron RI-C250S is now sold for 4295 rubles. Irons from competitors with similar functions (without control from your smartphone!) Cost about the same. And even more! Here, as they say, “prufpik”: It should be understood that the possibility of remote control, which will save you a lot of time and nerves, has only Redmond SkyIron. Such other irons in Russia is simply no!


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