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On the CBS sued because lullaby «Soft kitty, warm kitty», sometimes sing Sheldon Cooper

TV channel CBS, which leaves the famous sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” has received a lawsuit due to the fact that the show uses lyrics and tune of «Soft kitty, warm kitty», sometimes sing one of the main characters – Sheldon Cooper – to he settled down in a variety of unpleasant situations (known in Russian localization of the series according to the studio “Courage Bamboo” is a song known as “warm fluffy kitten asleep …”). An example of such an episode is shown in the video below:

The text of the song actually contains only one paragraph was repeated five times in a row:

Soft kitty, warm kitty 
Little ball of fur. 
Lazy kitty, pretty kitty 
Purr, purr, purr.

The authors claim the daughter became a teacher from New Hampshire named Edith Newlin (Edith Newlin), who died in 2004.Ellen and Margaret still live in a small town Olsted (Alstead) and claim that their mother wrote lyrics «Soft kitty, warm kitty» in the 30s of the last century. Producers of the show used the song at least 8 episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and do not assume the copyright holder of this work. In addition, the initial line of the song was used to write on various souvenirs like T-shirts, cups and without any permission sisters Newlin. Ellen Newlin is watching the show and found instances of unlawful, in its view, the use of songs during that time, as he wrote an article about her mother and in any discussion of the blog found that «Soft kitty, warm kitty» sounds in the show. At the time, producer of “The Big Bang Theory” is satisfied that permission to use the song from the company Willis Music Co, which published its text in the book “Songs for kindergarten» (Songs for the Nursery School). This book contained a reference to the author of the song, and that its text is protected by copyright.Representatives of the CBS traditionally refused to comment on the lawsuit.



On the CBS sued because lullaby «Soft kitty, warm kitty», sometimes sing Sheldon Cooper

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