Not Like the Others — Standing Out from the Middle East Car Crowd

Not Like the Others — Standing Out from the Middle East Car Crowd
Even though national economies all over the world are starting to show signs of growth since the economic downturn, the Middle East is well ahead of schedule. One such indicator of consumer and commercial confidence is car sales, which are growing at annual rates of around 3 to 5%.
But with so many cars available and an abundance of vehicles on the road, how can the everyday motorist stand out from the crowd?


nis Not Like the Others — Standing Out from the Middle East Car Crowd

Image by almsahriworld, used under Creative Commons licence.

By choosing a crossover
Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are commonplace on Middle Eastern roads. Reliable and practical in equal measures, they can tackle the warm climate, long highways and diverse terrain easily.
However, crossover SUVs are built on a car platform for extra comfort and style, but still feature a high driving position and four-wheel drive. A lot of the time, they’ll have lots of additional features too.
Nissan’s fleet of crossover SUVs, for instance, which includes the Juke, Murano and Qashqai continue to deliver success for the long-established brand. The design of the vehicles can’t fail to catch the eye of motorists.
Image by almsahriworld, used under Creative Commons licence.

By going bespoke
For the wealthiest individuals in the richest Gulf States, only the most luxurious vehicles will suffice. Pulling up next to the same kind of vehicle is simply unthinkable, however — it’s like two guests showing up to a party wearing the same outfit — so an extravagant solution is required.
Some go for the Rolls Royce’s Bespoke programme, since it allows them to fully customize the colours, materials and features. Diamond-encrusted doors and crocodile skin upholstery are just a few of the options. The chances of two motorists having exactly the same style and taste are slim to none.

By thinking green
One of the reasons why the Middle East’s car market is performing so well is because of low fuel prices. As a result, consumers feel less of a need for efficient vehicles or electric cars.
It means that you’d certainly stand out with a green automobile. Various manufacturers have released economical or alternative fuelled vehicles in recent years, but the Fisker Karma combines well with the Middle East. The interior, design and performance of this luxury sports sedan are sure to have the vehicle turning a few heads.
So even if car sales are booming in the Middle East, there are still a few vehicles out that can attract lots of attention. Thinking along the lines above can help motorists stand out in the quest for automotive cool.



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