Neonode AirBar transform normal laptop display or PC monitor in touch

Welcome to our readers in the pages of the blog iCover! Monitors with a touch layer on the screens of PCs or laptops today is exotic. At the same time, many would probably agree that wield a mouse on the large-format tile panels within the concept of the operating system Windows 8-10 is often at least, uncomfortable and unproductive. Here and in such cases it is very useful to have the advantages of the sensor, we are accustomed to and enjoy daily use in smartphones and tablets. The original, easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution that allows for a couple of seconds to turn the normal screen laptop or PC into a full touchscreen display has proposed a Swedish company Neonode.

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December 16 in Stockholm, the Swedish company Neonode, specializing in the development of interactive sensor systems, optical sensor presented Neonode AirBar, which is based on the principles of the patented technology zForce AIR ™. AirBar is a tiny strip of magnetic properties, easily clips in the bottom of the display frame laptop or monitor. Once connected to the USB port of your usual – inch LCD screen, running Windows® or Chrome OS ™ gets all the possibilities the touch. It supports virtually any touch any object AirBar equipped with a linear projection of the light field working, most likely, in the infrared range. Moreover, the system recognizes touch any object that crosses its light field. According to the developers, Neonode AirBar hardly consumes system resources and is activated as soon as the connection, without the need to install drivers. Feels and responsiveness AirBar working quite comparable with modern capacitive screen tablets.

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Demo video is impressive: the unit running smoothly, fast, stable, active Moultitouch, gestures and touch various objects. And indeed, it seems new is well within the scope of the concept of “it just works”. Outwardly AirBar looks very compact and almost merges with the screen bezel laptop It tells one of the sites of the company’s senior vice president of business development Neonode Roman Behdasht (Rimo Behdasht), AirBar projects an invisible stream of light field on the surface of the display, which allows you to interact with the operating system interface using touch. Technology Neonode in zForce AIR ™ opens up the possibility to use not only a finger, but any convenient material at hand, since the light field does not care, which causes a disturbance in the area of its operation, as well as the fact whether you use it on a business trip, school, journey. In addition to the response to the traditional touch with AirBar are available and useful features such as panning and zooming, the response to user gestures. However, no glare and fingerprints contamination (with non-contact exposure).

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A little about the technology zForce®

The device implements an optical sensing technology Neonode in zForce ™ consists of a set of light detectors and emitters, the optical fiber with a lens and a touch controller IC, connected to the host. The technology does not impose any special requirements for the design of the display and its coating, ensuring 100% – th optical transparency of the window and consistently high image quality without any artificial glare. The authors emphasize the news that the features of the optical sensing technology provides a number of advantages compared to existing touch and contactless methods, such as cameras, infrared, resistive and capacitive screens. The simplicity of the principle used in the Neonode in zForce ™ significantly reduces resource consumption and cost of the final solution, while enhancing border opportunities for its use in mobile phones, gadgets, wearable technology, PCs, laptops, printers and others.

Since the principles of the technology based on optical effects, efficiency AirBar virtually independent of electrical interference.In this unique touch controller IC NN1002, using complex filter system in hardware, in combination with a filtration performed by optical methods and program enabling the system to fully protected from interference by ambient light sources. The range of temperatures at which the system exhibits stable operating parameters limited thresholds -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. It is important that the technology works on any type of display and the display surface of any shape, including a concave surface. For user convenience, and to avoid contamination of the screen, in many cases turns out to be a useful non-invasive method of “touch in the air.” In the future, you can use another valuable advantage Neonode AirBar – opportunities to work properly and when immersed in water, which is totally unacceptable to the capacitive sensor. The official announcement Neonode AirBar will be held in the framework of the CES 2016 (Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, January 6-8 2016. A book Neonode AirBar laptop screen 15.6 “on the site of the manufacturer. Price $ 49 pre-order.



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