NASA astronauts Vacancies: Salary to $ 145,000, moving to Houston obligatory news

Today NASA start to accept applications for open positions astronauts. According to the NASA Administrator Charles Bolden (Charles Bolden) selected candidates will have the opportunity to take part in the Mars program, in order to “… leave traces of their shoes on the red planet.” All those who wish to visit the site USA Jobs and leave your resume until 18 February. The decision on hiring will be made ​​in mid-2017.

To advance the candidates presented several demands. Future astronauts need to be a citizen of the United States and have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, biology, physics or mathematics and a three-year experience. More serious academic degree is welcome. Applications may also be submitted jet aircraft pilots with no less than 1,000 hours of flight personnel time.In addition, candidates must meet certain physical requirements of NASA, which will be clarified during the special tests.Remuneration astronauts will range from $ 66,000 to $ 145,000, while a prerequisite for candidates is moving to Houston. Work will have on the International Space Station, to which flights will carry two commercial spacecraft, as well as the type of ship Orion, which the agency plans to use to fly to Mars. It should be noted that the level of requirements for candidates is very high. In 2013, when it was announced the previous set of astronauts in NASA, it received more than 6,000 applications, of which eventually were selected only 8 people.



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