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Where are the mermaid or a story about kissing on the lips (5 photos)

I remember that in my time in kindergarten “Alenka” there is one fundamental truth. The gist of it was this: if a boy kissing a girl on the lips for a long time, make sure you will have children. Since then, much time has passed, things have changed. I am sure that by going in today kindergarten “Alenka” I do not see native people classmates. This is not surprising – in August I will be 24. But the time in kindergarten was not in vain – where babies come from, I grasped firmly.

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Of course, then I went to school and learned that the children appear not only through a kiss on the lips. I heard about the fact that modern science can afford to have children in vitro.(Although now in the newspapers and on TV say a lot of stuff.) But give tribute to childhood: dearer to me the first way – through a kiss on the lips. Of course, most people will rush me laugh. But! He laughs best who laughs last! Laughing! And to answer any of you the question: where are the mermaids? That weak? The answer lies on the surface. Just need to throw off the mask of arrogance and become a little more serious. Laugh it off because it is always easier than to answer the perplexing question.

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So mermaids. Everyone knows that it’s almost a mermaid woman. That is, until the belt is quite a woman. They have green eyes, long hair to the waist, well, everything else that allows it to rank them to women than to men. But all that is below the belt very similar to the tail of the fish. Whether it’s smoked capelin you buy beer at the store the day before yesterday evening, “Ocean”. Or the legendary pike seven kg, which keeps Uncle Vova at the pictures in the family album. These tails are sorozhki and roaches, which are fished by fishermen network. And have you ever sat down to eat white salmon – that she, too, such a tail. Shiny silvery scales on the skin … Oh, who do not like fish!

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Of course, everyone can boast that once in my life, at least one eye, though a second saw a mermaid, or at least played the game about the mermaid . Some probably lucky to see mermaids twice, and perhaps more. The only unifying factor is all that they see more mermaids in the water or near the water. Next opinions differ, because the circumstances in which they see mermaids, all different.
As for the actual origin of mermaids, then there are people who rush to “victorious” answered the mermaid came from the sea foam; or (what is worse) bind to the origin of the myth of mermaids uncle Chernomorov and Thirty three heroes. But you must admit, this unscientific approach. And if we go on about these people, then very soon our science will search for the Dragon Kites and Koshcheev Immortals, that certainly does not add to her honor.

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I think that the question about the origin of mermaids must be approached on the basis of their nature. After mermaid inherently half fish, half woman. From the above suggests the following conclusion: the mermaid can not be the product of only fish or just people. I think that people think further explanation is superfluous. Now that all the “and” apart, it is reasonable to state the following: His appearance mermaids are required (possibly unwitting) girls, eat during lunch, dinner or breakfast fish spawn. In addition I want to note that the girls (and eating fish spawn girls I can not be excluded from this category) are very characteristic carefree kisses with young people.

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Article written and published in the usual or even the average user of the Internet, journalism education by name – “Alexander Trunov”



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