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Mascara can change eye color

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Transformation, for example, green eyes in brown sometimes seen in people being treated for glaucoma. In one of the types of the disease increased pressure within the eye causes damage to the optic nerve, and to reduce the pressure, the patients are analogues of prostaglandin enzymes – a group of lipid physiologically active substances synthesized in almost all tissues and organs of the human body.
The value of prostaglandins in the body is invaluable: it is this enzyme “tells” cells than they should do in the near future – for example, to increase the production of blood platelets to replenish the blood, or to send a signal of pain, and perhaps intensify the production of intestinal mucus.
In the case of glaucoma prostaglandin analogs reduce pressure within the eye, removing excess liquid from the cells, but in addition they come into contact with melanocytes – cells responsible for the production of melanin pigment colorant. In some such cases, the production of melanin increases, which makes the eyes in bright brown. In people with light eye color is observed more often than the distinct blue-eyed, and people with brown eyes and all, probably did not notice.
Patients who use eye drops for glaucoma rid of, inter alia, found that the prostaglandin analogues also contribute to increased growth of eyelashes, then these preparations have been applied in cosmetics. If you are using the tool for the growth of eyelashes, avoid contact with eyes or mucous membrane of the eyelid skin, because it can also trigger the production of melanin, and as a consequence – to change the eye color.



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