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When a man suspects infidelity, and its composition varies sperm

If you think that your partner is cheating on you, your sperm can help you get rid of the risk of someone else’s child to grow. According to sexologist Lindsey Doe, up to 40% of male ejaculate consist of so-called “kamikaze” or “fighters sperm”, intended to rival not fertilized ovum partner.
When a man suspects his partner of infidelity, the number of such “kamikaze” increases to neutralize the perceived threat. “Fighters of sperm”, though sperm are not intended to fertilize an egg. Their tails “kamikaze” is used as a trap, weaving them together and thus creating barricades.
However, there is a downside: the more produced “kamikaze”, the less produced sperm for fertilization, which, in turn, significantly reduces a woman’s chances of getting pregnant at all.



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