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Loving father with arms defended his son’s life (4 photos)

In the US, the father of the guy who doctors diagnosed brain death, and were about to be disconnected from life support systems, in arms won the time during which there was a real miracle.

father save his son 01 Loving father with arms defended his sons life (4 photos)

The Christmas season is always a place of miracles.
In America, my father almost lost his son, but all the family was reunited.
In January this year, George Pickering – the third was in intensive care at the Texas hospital. Doctors said the patient’s family, stated that he had brain death, and that he will not recover.
Driven to extreme desperation, his father George was armed with a pistol and went to the hospital to prevent doctors to turn off his son from life-support systems. He has long refused to obey the order appeared in time guards, but eventually gave in.
The lawyer of the family Phoebe Smith described how events unfolded.

father save his son 02 Loving father with arms defended his sons life (4 photos)

“At the end of the confrontation, which lasted almost three hours, the father sensed that his son squeezed his hand. By the time the special squad was able to open the door to intensive care, and my client has surrendered. But then he had already feel like a son squeezed his hand. The detachment of special forces were also doctors. Upon entering the room, they found that brain death has been registered incorrectly because my client’s son was able to maintain eye contact and follow their instructions. The doctors were totally shocked, “- she recalled the events of that day. Shortly after that incident, George Pickering – third came out of the coma, but he is now fully recovered. Reunited with his father, he was able only a few weeks ago, when he was released from prison after spending nearly a year in prison.

father save his son 03 Loving father with arms defended his sons life (4 photos)

“Father is only performed his parental duty – to protect her son,” – convinced George Pickering – third.

father save his son 04 Loving father with arms defended his sons life (4 photos)

“The most amazing thing is that my client was right, his son did survive. Of course, the recovery took a long time. But now a healthy young man, and he would not have survived if his father had not intervened.For me it’s just a great gift for Christmas – and to see them together to know that his father was reunited with his son “- shared the lawyer.




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