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Life is unpredictable (5 photos)

39-year-old farmer Jamie Manning (Jamie Manning) returned from work and was already just three kilometers from home, when he noticed the truck and tried to give way. Just a second later his car washed up on the roadside, which later turned out to be a moment in flames. Fortunately, the man was saved, he spent in a coma for six weeks. 40 percent of his body was covered with terrible burns, and left leg and fingers on his left hand had to be amputated. Nevertheless, Jamie himself says that this is the happiest day of his life.
1404875915 1 Life is unpredictable (5 photos)So Jamie Manning looked before the accident that changed his appearance

After the man got into an accident, the details of which remain unknown. Sidelined him trying to save an elderly man, but his foot was jammed Jamie. Unknown man had to run to the nearest house for help. Returning from a help they still managed to rescue Jamie out of the car.
1404875905 2 Life is unpredictable (5 photos)Jamie and his wife before the accident

Then the man was taken to hospital, where he spent in a coma for six weeks. Unfortunately, his left leg and fingers on his left hand had to be amputated because of severe burns.
1404875927 3 Life is unpredictable (5 photos)Jamie’s wife, with whom they had been married for 21 years, met with him three months in hospital after he got there to the moment as he was discharged.
1404875933 4 Life is unpredictable (5 photos)Many believe that this is a terrible accident, but the Jamie thinks otherwise. He says that this is the happiest day of his life since he was lucky to stay alive, in spite of all the injuries.
1404875944 5 Life is unpredictable (5 photos)Jamie eyelids burned and he can not even turn a blind eye. He has already undergone 22 operations, and eventually the number will still grow, as it will move many more transplants skin.

His wife established a fund through which managed to collect 65 thousand dollars for the treatment of Jamie.

Jamie himself began to develop a quad bike, which plans to go on his farm, checking ownership. “I’m not going to sit at home and do nothing,” – he said.



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