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Interview Man, save the woman on fire in the Moscow printing house (3 photos)

The journalists managed to find a young Muscovite Yuri Lugvina that on Saturday rescued women from burning Altufyevskoe printing on the highway. Partial to another’s trouble a guy who ran to the fire, to help, he told me how to save the woman, he walked on the burning building, trying to find a locked workers out there, and who are still out of civil tried to help them.


spas iz ogniya 01 Interview Man, save the woman on fire in the Moscow printing house (3 photos)

Jury 24. In Moscow lives for three years, as well – from the city of Kurchatov Kursk Region.

– I live in a rented apartment, not far from the metro Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, – says Yuri. – That morning?I almost did not sleep a day. I decided to be filled up in the morning already, went to the balcony to smoke, and saw a column of smoke.

I thought, a house on fire. And there ran. – Far from it? – About two kilometers … Yuri – man sports. Boxing, horizontal bars, breakdancing. – Ran. It turned out the fire in the industrial area. Many people. Initially told that a burning warehouse printing. Then they said that inside the girls are. The turmoil, confusion, a lot of fire trucks. Rescuers at the moment filled the building. It turned out that the guys from Kyrgyzstan took from the fire escape. According to her, we climbed to the roof of the annex, which came out some windows of the third and fourth floors. Enclosed inside too burned, everything was in smoke. I saw the guy starts to pull the girl out of the window. He pulled her and she fell out of a window on the roof. Lugvin believes that by this time locked on the fourth floor of the women were already dead – suffocated. From the windows of cries for help had gone. – Dropped out of the window the girl was unconscious, we took her to the canvas and gave rescuers. Then I went back to the roof. Break out the window on the third floor and crawled inside. There turned out to be the office, in the smoke considered tables. There was a wooden door, I knocked her to her feet. I passed on. I did not hear the cries. All the smoke. Buried in a metal door.It was closed. I started to hit the door with his feet, but it did not open. I felt that someone was trying to pull the door from the other side. But I did not realize who it was: firefighters, who were already inside, or printing workers.


spas iz ogniya 02 Interview Man, save the woman on fire in the Moscow printing house (3 photos)

Yuri wrapped around the face of a T-shirt, but it helped little. Swallow the smoke, he felt that he was losing consciousness. So he returned to the window and climbed out.

– Catch my breath, and saw that out of the same window where the girl pulled hanging another – continues guy. – It probably was able to crawl to the window sill, and lost consciousness. From the window hung his arms and head. I climbed up the stairs, turned the window at the head, I could not go higher. I tried to pull it out, but it did not work …

Lugvin twice coming down for air, and then climbed the stairs. A moment later he was standing next to a ladder fire and helped him lifeguard. But even the two of them did not work to pull a girl – her something jammed up.

– Fire put her oxygen mask and climbed into the room. I said, man, go otdyshites, we can handle ourselves.I went down. Then he saw that the girl managed to pull it off. He stood in front of the bit, and then went home. Already there have learned from the Internet that killed 17 people. It’s horrible. – When I was inside the burning building, it was terrible? – And who would not be? But this is no longer the fear of running.There was an understanding that I choke and stay there. But I knew I could help someone, it’s more important to me was. Well, I was on the scene of a fire. What’s needed to do? Standing on the camera to shoot something? – Write that on the roof in addition you had another five children from Kyrgyzstan. – I’m in turmoil, it is clear to anyone not familiar with. I think the people on the roof of the annexe had more.But I do not know who was more active and who is inactive. Yes it does not matter. Guys – well done, they came up the ladder very fast drag. It all helped. At some point, fire them all with the roof removed. There was only me, because at that moment he climbed out the window.


spas iz ogniya 03 Interview Man, save the woman on fire in the Moscow printing house (3 photos)

A boy from a dysfunctional family

About these guys who go through fire and water, often say, then, parents are well educated. Yuri Lugvina grandmother raised. His father and mother was deprived of parental rights when he was still a child.

– Mom in 2008 died of alcoholism. Father of all life in prisons. I was brought up great-aunt who took care of … – What do you do in Moscow? – Now there is no fixed place of work, so that part-time work: car, security, construction. During these three years, in Moscow, I worked in the industrial alpinism, and mason, and the high-altitude adjuster, and a fitness trainer … The trouble is that when a job is usually a lot of promise and then do not pay anything, ” breakfast “food. – I heard that the president of Kyrgyzstan would like to invite you to Bishkek and reward? – Yes, read your article. I do not mind to go to Bishkek. However, I would not use the word “hero” in relation to itself. Maybe I would have thought of himself as a hero, if I could save at least half of those who died in the fire … From: 1 , 2




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