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Insects possess traits

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Some beetles appear aggressive, and others – shy, some like open space, while others are hidden in the walls. Scientists are still engaged in the study of personality insects: in particular, they are interested in the question of whether one type of insects have different temperaments.
Last year, a group of researchers from the University of Illinois studied the novelty-seeking bees. They found that the bees are usually looking for a new hive, also had a tendency to explore new places for foraging. This suggests that specific individuals ‘programmed’ by genetic or other factors so that they show a tendency to research and travel.
Enikő Giuris, a biologist at the University of Debrecen in Hungary, used in his study of a series of behavioral tests to determine the three personality traits: Exploratory (passion for the study and knowledge of something new), courage and activity. She put on the beetle in opened vials and put them at the center of a circular arena 60 cm in diameter. The most daring beetles quickly left the bottles, while most timid remained inside for almost ten minutes.
After the beetles have left the vials and their desire to move in different directions and explore new objects serve as an indicator exploratory. Giuris states that the results of the study indicate the existence of individual differences between individuals of the same species of beetles. Furthermore, they found that the insects over a long time behave consistently.



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