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The history of the elusive ghost ship “Beychimo”

1382030876 0081 The history of the elusive ghost ship Beychimo


There are many horror stories about the ghost ship (which are considered among the sailors precursor of death), but do know of only one of them.

True, he is not very similar to the sinister Flying Dutchman, which draws it our imagination, but the ship did exist – and perhaps it is still  drifting over the ocean waves, instilling in the hearts of sailors superstitious dread.

Ship “Beychimo” was launched in 1914 and was used to trade messages shuttling between Hamburg and Swedish ports. After the First World War, it became the property of the company “Hudson’s Bay Company” and began to make cargo flights to the Arctic regions.

October 1, 1931 “Beychimo” commit another voyage with a cargo of furs on board. Unexpectedly rose storm and soon the ship was firmly clamped ice. The nearest settlement of Barrow, Alaska was impossible to reach because of the snowstorm.

The captain decided not to leave the ship and remain on board until the blizzard subsides. October 15 half the team was evacuated from the ship to the plane, and the captain, with the rest of the crew set up camp near the ship got stuck.

Terrible weather continued to rage, and the guests of “temporary” camps had to spend several weeks in captivity in the ice. November 24 storm was so strong that it hid from the eyes of the team are nearby ship. The next morning, their worst fears were confirmed – the ship disappeared. Balance team, seeing no point more to stay in this place, safely back to civilization.

But a week later, one of the hunters told the captain that “Beychimo” likely intact, as he saw it drifting about 80 kilometers from the place of his last stop.

The captain is not very much and wanted to go back on the ice and look for the missing ship, but he still put together a team and went looking. To his surprise, they did find “Beychimo” where specified. The ship, in all likelihood, received significant damage, and the captain was afraid that a piece of plate for a long time afloat will not last, so the team was hastily transferred cargo of furs to the shore. After this, all the people and cargo have been successfully transported by air.

It would seem that on this adventure abandoned ship were to end. However, in reality, they have only just begun: for several decades, many witnesses saw the abandoned and tselehonkim “Beychimo” in various parts of the Arctic Sea.For example, in March 1933, several Inuit caught by the storm and found shelter on board the ship and spent about a week until the storm has not receded.

In November 1939, another ship came close to the “Beychimo” so close that the crew members were able to get on board the ghost ship. Because of the approaching ice pack captain failed to tow the vessel to the port, but he said the location of the ship.

In 1969, “Beychimo” was found jammed in the ice. That was the last time the appearance of the vessel was recorded.After that, a belief that “Beychimo” due to old age has finally found peace in the depths of the cold sea.

However, not everyone agrees with this. Moreover, in 2006, that is, 75 years after “Beychimo” went to independent trip, the U.S. state of Alaska officially began searching for wandering by the will of the waves and winds of the elusive ghost ship.



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