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The highest roller coaster (6 photos)

As a child, most of us rode the roller coaster. Well, that – after slipping on smooth surface slides, with an acceleration towards the end of the descent like almost everything. Become adults, we see that the usual rollercoaster ride is already impossible. But do not worry, because coming up with the same adult slides that match and status, and age. Let’s see who and where he built the highest hill.

1. Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi Waterpark (UAE)
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Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most interesting projects in Dubai. This park is located next to another architectural creation – Burj Al Arab. The main thing that attracts people to the park – it is the highest and therefore the world’s fastest water slides. Their height is about 33 meters, and by the end of the way man is flying at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

2. Slides at the airport (Singapore)
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Well, that, who are not interested to entertain yourself at the airport? These slides are created primarily for children, but adults can ride, it is not forbidden. Here for skating have to pay about $ 22 for two descents. Rise, logically, should most stairs.

3. World Waterpark
1396538377 22 The highest roller coaster (6 photos)

In this park (the largest indoor water park in the world), there are quite steep slides. Park opened in 1986 and it is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Just park at the same time can be 40 thousand people. Height of the tallest roller coaster in the park is 25 meters.

4. Blizzard Beach (USA)
1396538377 23 The highest roller coaster (6 photos)

In this park there are two pretty high hills, that pertain to the complex Blizzard Beach. This is also a water park, respectively, slides here – water.

5. Beach Park (Brazil)
1396538377 24 The highest roller coaster (6 photos)

Look at this photo – if you want to go down the hill so high (41 meters)? Probably little desire most people did not arise. But those who need adrenaline, gladly come down here, perhaps more than once, as a couple. Height coaster is 41 meters (about the height of a 14-storey building).



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