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MDF got its name from the English Medium Density Fibreboard, which means fiber board medium density. It is made ​​of very fine wood shavings bonded together by lignin (natural resin, which is released from cells in the timber during its heating) and paraffin. In the production of laminated MDF acquires properties that enhance performance (moisture resistance, fire resistance, insulation). This is achieved by coating a special polymer film during the heat treatment. Information can be found on the Internet link laminated MDF. The number of customers who prefer MDF, is growing every day, as the quality settings are at the highest level: 1) Environmentally friendly. Laminate MDF completely harmless to health, in part because no phenol or epoxy resin. You can use in children’s rooms, medical facilities; 2) Hardness – ideal for the production of doors and furniture; 3) Long-term operational performance.Natural, binder makes the material resistant to mechanical damage and deformation; 4) Hygiene. Security. Resistance to fungus and microorganisms. Easy to clean with any cleaning agents (should not contain chlorine) on the basis of soap or polish; 5) Easy to handle. MDF is used in the release of curved elements; 6) No flaws that can not be said about the tree (knots). MDF boards evenly without fluctuations of thickness and various changes throughout the area; 7) Water resistance. It retains shape under the influence of moisture and temperature drop. This is an excellent criteria for the use of the material in baths and kitchens; 8) Aesthetic appeal. Issue laminated MDF is carried out on modern production lines, which ensures durability and an attractive appearance for decades. Excellent quality laminated MDF made ​​an indispensable material in the production. It is used in the production of high quality furniture, tabletops, wall panels, skirting boards. Designers choose laminated MDF to implement their ideas. High levels of quality at an affordable price – is the choice number 1 in the market of building materials.

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