Google will show the AMP-sites in search results in the next year

The search giant begins to pay more attention to new technology creating Web pages Pages Mobile Accelerated (AMP), which is designed to speed up sites on mobile devices. For the first time the project became known in early October, but now Google intends to show the AMP-pages in search results early next year – this is in question in the official blog of the project. By this time, many large sites, such as the BBC, Sankei, New York Times, News Corp, Washington Post expressed their support for the new initiative Google.
Since the project opened AMP and its source code available on GitHub, it has attracted interest from developers. Currently, more than 4,500 of them are following the development of AMP, and since the announcement of October 7 was sent to a minimum of 250 pull-rekvest on Stack Overflow, a new tag amp-html (question, however, is that only one), and written a few simple manual for creating AMP-pages. Already on a mobile device, you can try to search Google, made ​​by new technology. On Geektimes have a technical review of the Accelerated Mobile Pages, which can be found on this link. According to the author, AMP really can significantly increase the speed of loading pages, but it imposes a number of restrictions on the functionality of the page because of the small number of built-in and plug-AMP-components.



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