Girl volunteer on their activities at the Olympic Games in Rio (4 photos)

Next you will find the story of one of our compatriots, who went to volunteer at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. She spoke about the functions that are performed by volunteers, where they live, what they do in their free time and what do decide to help free the Olympics.

How to become a volunteer of the international competitions, and what do they do?

1471541237 01 1 2 Girl volunteer on their activities at the Olympic Games in Rio (4 photos)My name is Anastasia Sutulova, I was born in Nizhny Novgorod region, he graduated from MGIMO and learned the Korean language, which helps me to go to events like the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and Sochi. I work as a translator, which also helps to take part in competitions at the Olympic Games. In addition, due to the basic work, I do not need the extra money, and I have the opportunity to help people free of charge. The first time I worked as a volunteer at the Olympics in Sochi, which I really liked, which is why I decided to apply to the Rio. I wanted to travel, and now I was here. created a special volunteer portal for each Olympic Games. On it, you can fill in the form and choose a desired function. However, it does not always coincide with what you ultimately will do. Then consider the application, and a few months before the Olympic Games comes the confirmation, the application is approved or not. Road to Rio volunteers always pay yourself. Sometimes Olympics organizers provide accommodation, as it was in Sochi and Rio initially told that accommodation will not, and I had to book an apartment. But then the organizers held a raffle housing, and several volunteers it still gave. Has got it to me, I live in a very classy hotel in the city center.

I myself work with gymnasts, more precisely, I am attached to the Olympic arena, where competitions are held on all kinds of sports. I am engaged in translation from Korean to English and Russian to English – and vice-versa. In the translation, the volunteers are engaged in that in English is called the event services. That is, assistance in organization of the Olympic Games. These volunteers usually know everything about sports facilities, competition schedules and so on. There is also a transport service, physicians and volunteers for the press.
Schedule prepared managers in view of the fact that we want more and travel. There is no such that all the time we spend in the Olympic Park and work. If the change starts in the morning, it ends about three o’clock in the afternoon, and if the second half of the day, it has been going on until the evening. Very often the weekend. Everything is planned so that each volunteer for the Olympics was all of five working days, to be able to see the city and travel.
1471541226 02 Girl volunteer on their activities at the Olympic Games in Rio (4 photos)National composition of the volunteers are very varied. Russian volunteers very much. In the arena of Russian gymnastics six people – and about the same number of other Olympic sites, because the Russian-speaking athletes a lot and speak Russian are always needed.In addition, a lot of fans, when you walk through the Olympic Park, always see their company.

What happens in Rio de Janeiro?

Despite reports of robberies participants and guests of the Olympic Games on the streets of Rio, I think it’s more isolated cases of people walking the streets and waving purses, cameras and iPhones. Maybe someone and wandered into the wrong alley and robbed him there, but none of my friends with such a problem is not encountered. At the same time I can not say that we are here we feel very safe. We have to always hold the bag and mobile phone to get scared. Hopefully, everything will cost – theft is still there. We were told about the precautions just general things: it is not necessary to hang a huge camera around his neck, valuables with them not to take, to dress modestly better, and so on, nothing concrete.
1471541260 03 Girl volunteer on their activities at the Olympic Games in Rio (4 photos)Prices in the city of acceptable. Jack up their only tickets and accommodation. When I was looking for an apartment on Airbnb, I have seen the price of 3 thousand rubles per night. And then I began to chat with the owners and they were told that during the Olympics rent for 10 thousand. People really nagleli, but on the other hand, so too did in Sochi. And so we were given a transportation card, so travel is not the money I spend. In the food and restaurant prices are normal. From Russia came more wealthy tourists: to get to Rio, you have to spend a little bit, so that people or very long hoarded, or can not afford it.

I work with many local residents. At the Olympic Games help children not only from Rio de Janeiro, but also from other cities in Brazil.The whole country is divided in relation to the Olympic Games in two parts. There are people who benefit from it, and there are those who lose. Olympics workers who were hired for relatively high salaries, the owners of hotels and restaurants to earn it. These Games are pleased and very excitedly to them relate. And those who have nothing to do with the Olympics, losing from it: they are furious that constantly blocking the road for cycling, because of which it becomes impossible to get around the city. I heard that the wave of layoffs took place in some of the companies that were involved in the organization of the Games, and very often on poles in Rio in Portuguese is written: “The Olympic Games: and for whom is it?”
Generally, in the event of such a level and scale never nothing happens smoothly: sometimes something goes wrong. I’m in an organization is not involved in any way, but I can say that everything is good, decent level. With the Games in Sochi, I compare everything is difficult, because in 2014 I was accompanied by a high-ranking guests from Korea: we went to all sorts of press conferences and meetings, not much time spent on the sites. But I have noticed that in the Olympic Park Rio operates Wi-Fi, which was not in Sochi. Everywhere there are toilets that have been difficult to find, and for volunteers free food is more tasty. But the specifics at the winter and summer Olympics a little different, so I do not know whether it makes sense they sravnivat.Kak belong to the Russians?

I communicate with the athletes, but mostly when they are interviewed: I’m standing next to the words and translate them to the international press. They are in a fighting mood pretty (at least gymnasts), despite the doping scandals. Their is not buckled, and they are ready to fight. I’ve talked to Ukrainian gymnasts, who are very pleased with me. Due to the political situation in recent times there is a lot of questions about Russia. As I understand, with the Russian media Ukrainian athletes forbidden to communicate, and they pass by our journalists, but from the fact that they speak Ukrainian and international media, I realized that the situation is calm and they communicate with the Russian guys and friends. Still, South Korean athlete at the Olympics with North Korea make selfie, Russian Ukrainians are friendly – and thank God.
Particularly negative attitude to Russian athletes, I did not notice, at least in the gym. I know that Yulia Efimova had some problems with her crowd shouting something incomprehensible, but on my site does not. With regard to other sports is difficult to say – I do not see the competition.
1471541313 04 Girl volunteer on their activities at the Olympic Games in Rio (4 photos)And at the gym and the crowd support everyone.




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