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The girl began to cry stones (4 photos)

12-year-old native of Yemen shocked locals and puzzled doctors. The fact is that during the time of mourning under age girls start to stand out small stones.
1391661910 0110 The girl began to cry stones (4 photos)

Local TV channels showed Yemen shocking report about a girl named Saadia Saleh (Saadiya Saleh), who allegedly suffers from a disease unknown to science.
It all started with the fact that one of Saadia eyes instead of tears began to stand stones.
1391661910 0111 The girl began to cry stones (4 photos)

Slain girl’s parents took her to the hospital to cure his daughter from a strange illness. However, doctors have come to a state of extreme confusion, bewilderment only lit rukami.Chtoby avoid accusations of incompetence, the doctor decided to show symptoms of a mysterious disease reporters.
Thus, the video appeared on YouTube showing how to Aesculapius for an hour gently clean “stone” tears from age 12-year old patient and stack them in a handkerchief.
1391661910 0112 The girl began to cry stones (4 photos)

After convincing evidence in the form of collected stones doctors confirmed once again that they can not provide a logical explanation of what is happening with Saad.

“In this region, this is the second such incident – said a local journalist. – A strange disease Saleh became cause panic in rural areas, which is spreading rapidly among the locals. ”
1391661910 0113 The girl began to cry stones (4 photos)

Indeed, living in the neighborhood with his family Saadia people prefer to avoid encounters with the girl, believing that she was possessed by the devil or it imposed a magic spell. However, most residents adhere to the theory of the beginning of a dangerous incurable epidemic.



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