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Forgotten the role of famous actors

Famous actors memorized the audience basically only the best to their roles, and often there is a major role. However, in their careers, and they often play the roles, which is far fewer remember. It is about the roles of famous actors told us that post. Andrei Mironov: Friedrich Engels, one of the first works of the great Soviet cinema Mironov – Friedrich Engels in the film “The Year of how life” Grigory Roshal. It was in 1965. Fame this role did not bring him, and generally lost between the cult film “Three plus two” and “Beware of the Car”.


Anthony Hopkins: Pierre Pierre, Adolf Hitler in a colossal filmography Hopkins present absolutely marvelous moments. For example, in a mini-series in 1972, “War and Peace” he got the party of Pierre Bezukhov.


And in 1980 he was entrusted with a responsible role in the early adaptation of the book “Bunker” about the last days of Hitler.


Gerard Depardieu: transvestite If a good rummage in the portfolio Depardieu, where you can dig out a role that would put into question the future of his Russian citizenship. The tragicomedy “Evening Dress” (Bertrand Blier, 1986) he had to flaunt in makeup and women’s clothes.


Mel Brooks: janitor Tikhon in the American adaptation of “The Twelve Chairs.” Cinema is not weak, filmed with love and respect, even if Brooks allowed himself some liberties scenario.


Christian Bale: Jim Hawkins Who would have thought that in 1990, Bale played a sacred role for all book lovers boy Jim Hawkins in telepostanovke “Treasure Island”! The actor was barely 16 years old.


Leslie Nielsen: starship captain is impossible to imagine Lieutenant Drebin in doroguschy and serious science fiction film, but the comedian’s career is launched from the Baikonur! The cult film “Forbidden Planet” (1956), he was entrusted with a mission that requires courage and heroism.


Sean Bean: Count Vronsky in 1997 in the United States was set not particularly successful adaptation of Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina” with Sophie Marceau in the role of the Anna and Sean Bean in the form of Count Vronsky. It is only strange that Bean did not have to rush under a train in the final, as he usually likes.


Oleg Tabakov: Mark Twain Kot Matroskin sometimes indulged themselves sudden transformation. In 1975, by order of Soviet television, he played the title role in the film “Mark Twain against”, now completely forgotten.




Forgotten the role of famous actors

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