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The food seems to taste better when someone prepares it for you

Much of the sense of taste when eating depends on the sense of smell. When we cook food, the cooking time for getting used to the smell. Thus, when you cook a meal for yourself, and then eat it, it’s like tasting food, in which almost no sense of smell is involved.
If someone cooks for you, and you are in another room, and, accordingly, can not smell, the food you will find a very different taste than if you cooked the same dish yourself. If you do not feel the smell of cooking, you get to enjoy both a new taste and a new smell, so that you will seem much tastier dish.
The same principle works with the rest of the food from yesterday. Maybe you ever heard the saying that some of the dishes the next day become tastier. The bottom line is that usually half-eaten food stored in the refrigerator, so that they almost do not smell if they do not heat up – this is the scientific explanation of why your pizza sometimes seems to you the next day tastes better than the day before.



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