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Fake: Colombian mafia, terrorists killed in Paris

November 20 Western and Russian media reported that three Colombian mafia prevented a terrorist attack in Paris, but the information proved to be false. It is reported portal Pulzo.

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Illustration REN-TV

According to media reports, the evening of 13 November, two gunmen with assault rifles burst into the IG in a Paris cafe near the theater “Batalkan” and opened fire on visitors, however, were immediately killed a wanted member of the Colombian mafia, who were sitting inside.

By its actions, the representatives of the cartel have saved dozens of lives and stumped police arrived to the place. […] Now the French law enforcers question arose: what to do with detainees, in fact prevent another terrorist attack in the country.

material REN-TV

On the supply channel REN-TV, whose article received more than 90,000 views, the news was picked up by other Russian and Ukrainian media, including the“Komsomolskaya Pravda” (already issued a denial) and “Vesti”, as well as network users.

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As the portal Pulzo, it reported that the source of the news became a journalist radio Europe 1, but a simple check showed that the people at the station with the specified name does not work, and on its website no information about the Colombians.

In addition, the journalist Alex Kovalev said in his facebook that one of the “Colombian mafia”, which was accompanied by a picture feykovye news – in fact, the Mexican, who was arrested for drunken brawl.

This is not the first false news about the terrorist attacks in Paris, became widespread in the media. November 16 a number of publications wronglyreported that the militants have organized their actions via the PlayStation 4.




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