Electric cars are not in demand in Russia

Russian analytical agency “AUTOSTAT” (Togliatti) estimates that in January-October 2015 in Russia were registered only 89new electric vehicles. Compared with the same period last year the figure was down by more than 40% (for 10 months of 2014 were registered 152 new electric vehicle). Note that even two years ago, in 2013 in Russia were registered 96 new electric vehicles.
Traditionally, the most popular electric cars in Russia was the Tesla Model S (price more than $ 100 thousand). For 10 months it has been reported 51 electric Tesla, and for the same period in 2014 – 72 (29% reduction), and in 2013 – 8 cars. Second place among the new car with an electric motor in Russia suddenly took El Lada production “AvtoVAZ” (14 cars sold in the 10 months of 2015). Further, the position was as follows: the third line of the Nissan Leaf (13 EVs), fourth place at the BMW i3 (6 cars), the fifth – Mitsubishi i-MiEV (4 cars). More in 2015 was registered by a compact electric car – Renault Twizy.
Director analytical agency “AUTOSTAT” Sergei Tselikov said that despite the global trend of increased sales of electric vehicles in the near future in Russia, this segment of the automotive market receives a significant development. “We have these cars for a long time will remain exotic. Usually they buy car owners with a large park as another additional machines without assuming daily operation “- said S.Tselikov.
It should be noted that in Russia in recent years has launched many initiatives to develop elektromobilizatsii in the country, as we are constantly inform such as here, there, here, or here. However, electric vehicles in Russia still remain unclaimed and it is not clear when it’s a change in attitude towards them from Russian motorists. Illustration here.



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