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How to easily migrate to the U.S.

171196 original211 How to easily migrate to the U.S.



Step 1. We proceed to the state university named after anyone, after finding out whether your specialty is strategically important to the “superpower.” 
Step 2. We try not to sail from there to the end of the second year. 
Step 3. Mutim Vork End Travel.      
Step 4. Being in the states sebyvaem in an unknown direction leaving a note with the text something like “I can’t take this life anymore”. 
Step 5. Imitate his own death by a homeless person, cans of gasoline and a bottle of bourbon. 
now you can not identify! Therefore. 
Step 6. We go to the nearest biker bar shouting something like: Hey! FAGGOTS!!! Yeah all of you motherfuckers FUCK YOU!!! (Hey! Fegots! E ol th office mazerfakers ACF S!) Or an alternative but the main thing that catches the essence of the message of right away. We try not to kill. 
Step 7. Cauterize fingertips alkali and declares to the police station with a statement such as: I have lost my memory in horrible accident (Ive Lost May Mamoru Institute harebl aeksident). Doctors diagnose multiple injuries, bruises and a concussion. 
Step 8. Go ahead fool – they may not prove dick. Questions about age, brothers / sisters, moms / dads, as well as about how the incident occurred.Zaebutsya and find out they are likely to score after rehabilitation and re-socialization pass sent by awarding you with new personal data. 
Step 9. Kutimov fiercely! After all, you have to note that, you are now a citizen of the United States of America! 
Congrats Lucky cunt!




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