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Dog runs on printed on 3D-printer prostheses forepaws

Derby was born with deformed front legs. The owners abandoned it and were going to give to a shelter, but the organization «Peace and Paws Dog Rescue» took the dog. Then, Derby came to the education of Tara Anderson, Director of 3D Systems.Now, thanks printed on 3D-printer paws Derby can run and sit, like any other dog.

e35ba5843968251db7c017739f582914 Dog runs on printed on 3D printer prostheses forepaws

In 2014, the company 3D Systems made dog Derby dentures forepaws. Prior to this dog tried to use two-wheeled device – not the most comfortable thing. The first version of the prosthesis was not high, so the animal is in an unnatural position – but the dog is able to run with them. But in this case, the Derby was not afraid to lay down to one side.

During use, a first embodiment of the dog denture experts came to the conclusion that the next version of the need to add my knees. With the selective laser sintering they published the second version of the prosthesis with elastic bends. Now Derby can actually run, almost like any other healthy dog ​​with four paws.




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