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Why do different types of alcohol have different intoxicating effect

Alcoholic drink – is primarily alcohol, whether tequila, wine, beer or something. Its basis is ethyl alcohol or ethanol, and it tends to intoxicate. The fact that the liquors contain more ethanol than wine or beer, means that the effect of it will be greater, and “unit dose” is downward.
“Standard-dose” is considered 14 grams of “pure” alcohol. Although, in each drink its content of ethanol for any beverage can calculate this rate. It is assumed that the only difference between a glass of beer and a glass of whiskey is a process of assimilation of ethanol contained in them – for example, whiskey is intoxicating much faster. And it is not consumed as a beverage, and the rate at which ethanol is fed into the blood.
In line with this, alcoholic drinks with similar alcohol content should have a similar effect on you. But somehow the 40-degree vodka makes people violent, whiskey increases aggression, but gin makes sad.
One possible explanation for this – mixing. Many people drink tequila in its pure form, but prefer rum mixed with something – for example, with cola. If you connect a gin and tonic, and vodka – with Red Bull, it’s hard to say what caused the drink this or that emotion.
Another explanation – additional ingredients, fermentation and distillation products, including chemicals such as acetone, acetaldehyde and esters. Different types of alcoholic drinks contain different types and amounts of additives. Most supplements affect the color and taste of the drink, but may be justification for why this or that drink affects you in a certain way.
Researchers believe that a lot depends on what mood you started drinking. Studies of the effects of alcohol in relation to motor and cognitive function have shown that individual differences in human responses to alcohol are associated with specific types of effects that you expect them to. If you drink to have fun – is likely to become gay, and if alcohol is for you – a means of dealing with depression, it can exacerbate this depression.



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