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Consequences of an attack black bear (4 photos)

A resident of the United States Allen Hansen year ago was the victim of an attack a huge black bear that attacked her while she was working on his ranch in the mountains of southern Sierras. Powerful blow of his paw bear literally removed the woman scalp. She was lucky that after the impact, the bear was distracted by barking dogs nearby. What is most surprising, she managed to get to your car and drive! to the fire station, where she was given first aid and called paramedics. Just want to warn further photos are not for the faint of heart .

Photo a few months before the attack.

1bear attack 01 Consequences of an attack black bear (4 photos)

The victim was transported by medical helicopter to the University of California at Los Angeles.
2bear attack 011 Consequences of an attack black bear (4 photos)

Photo two days after a seven-hour operation, which was conducted by a team of nearly a hundred people led by Dr. Kimberly Lee Medical Sciences.
3bear attack 012 Consequences of an attack black bear (4 photos)

And here’s a woman today.
4bear attack 013 Consequences of an attack black bear (4 photos)

For the year rehabilitation Alena Hansen managed to write a book “How to survive a bear attack” and now presents it to everyone.
It is, in particular, tells about his “health insurance.” In particular, she had thought that over 20 years of insurance payments is entitled to assume that the insurance will cover all necessary expenses. But no: ophthalmologist, cosmetologist, dental insurance does not cover, and that the lion’s share befallen expenses. In general, her insurance was useless piece of paper.



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