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Celebrities who have died this year 2015 (26 photos)

This year, life took a lot of great people, whose talent was admired by millions of fans around the world.Then we offer to remember all those who did not was in 2015. The famous opera singer Yelena Obraztsova died on January 12 at a clinic in Germany from a serious illness. She was 75 years old. Farewell to the opera diva was held in the Bolshoi Theatre. Singer was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery. The repertoire Obraztsova was more than 80 parts in classical and modern operas, Russian folk songs, old songs, jazz compositions. “The best in the world Carmen” applauded in the Metropolitan Opera and Covent Garden, in her speech in Vienna and Milan, it was impossible to get a ticket.

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People’s Artist of Russia Rimma Markova died on January 15th. She was 89 years old. Actress was buried at St. Nicholas Archangel Cemetery. In recent years, many Markov hurt and almost no shot. Fame has brought her role in the film by Alexei Saltykov “petticoat”. Total Markov has played more than 70 roles in movies.Among the most famous films with the participation of Rimma Markova – “Eternal Call”, “native”, “Pokrovsky Gates”, “Midshipmen, forward” and others.

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January 26 in Athens at the age of 68 years died a famous singer Demis Roussos. Funeral Roussos held on 30 January at the First Cemetery of Athens – the burial place of Greek politicians and cultural figures.World famous Roussos acquired through such hits as Souvenirs, Goodbye My Love, Forever and Ever. At the peak of the popularity of the singer gave 150 concerts. Loved Demisosa Roussos and the USSR.

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Australian writer Colleen McCullough passed away on January 29. She was 77 years old. World fame came to the Australian writer in 1977, after the release of the book “The Thorn Birds”. The novel became an international bestseller, it has been translated in more than 20 languages.

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The politician Boris Nemtsov killed on the night of 27 to 28 of February. He was 55 years old. He was buried in the cemetery Troekurov policy. The murder investigation is Nemtsov. He began his political career in the late 1980s. In the early 1990s, he advocated a confidant of Boris Yeltsin. He was the first governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region. He founded the all-Russian political movement “Young Russia”.He participated in the organization of mass opposition actions. In 2012 Nemtsov elected co Parnassus.

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British author Terry Pratchett died on March 12 at the age of 66 years. Death came when he was surrounded by family members at home. The writer was diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s disease.Pratchett – author of more than 70 books, of which the total circulation of about 50 million copies. The writer became known for a cycle in the genre of satirical fantasy “The World is Flat.”

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Satirical writer Arkady Arcana died March 22 in Moscow on the 82-year life. The last few years he has suffered from cancer. Buried in the Arcana Vvedensky cemetery of the capital. His stories and novels marked a subtle and often sad humor entered the golden fund. Plays Arkanov in Lenkom Theater of Satire, and from year to year is going to a full house.

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28 April 52, the year passed away the first singer of the band “A’Studio” Batyrkhan Shukenov. The actor died of a heart attack. In 1988, he and his friends created the “A’Studio”, becoming a frontman. In the group he sang until 2000, and then started his solo career. For 30-year career Shukenov recorded 13 albums – solo and as a group, “A’Studio.” Besides music, the actor in public life – has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Kazakhstan.

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Prima Bolshoi Theatre Maya Plisetskaya died on 2 May. The actress was 89 years old. Plisetskaya died of a massive heart attack. Doctors fought for the life of a ballerina, but could do nothing. Actress bequeathed to dispel her ashes over Russia. Plisetskaya performed many parties at the Bolshoi, but one of the most prominent were: Odette-Odile in “Swan Lake” Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty” ballet Raymonda by Glazunov.

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15 on May 90 th year of life died the king of the blues, 15-time winner of the award “Grammy” BB King.Surrounded by the musician said that he died quietly in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas. The debut single, BB King released in 1949, and the concert activity ceased only in 2014. The musician has sold millions of its records worldwide. He was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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May 19 at the 69th year of life died People’s Artist of Russia Yevgeny less. Death occurred after a severe and prolonged illness. He was buried in the cemetery Troekurov actor. Evgeny Menshov played in the movie “The Dawns Here Are Quiet”, “Where are you, love?” “State Border”. Also, along with TV presenter and announcer Angelina Vovk conducted from 1988 to 2006, the TV show “Song of the Year.”

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Famous British actor Christopher Lee left the world on June 7. He died in the hospital from problems with the respiratory system and heart failure. Christopher Lee has appeared in over 250 films. World fame, he received thanks to roles in such franchises as “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars.” The actor became famous as a performer of roles of Dracula, Saruman and Count Dooku. In 2009, Lee was knighted for his contribution to theater and cinema, and charitable activities.

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Famous healer Juna Davitashvili died on June 8 in Moscow on the 66-year life. A few days before her death, she fell into a coma. Juna came to prominence during the Soviet period, because of unusual abilities. It is believed that it can get rid of the disease because of its power. Media reported that its customers at various times, Leonid Brezhnev, Robert De Niro, Marcello Mastroianni, Andrei Tarkovsky and Boris Yeltsin.

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Zhanna Friske passed away on 15 June. The singer was buried in Moscow on Nikolo- Archangel Cemetery in the family grave. Inoperable brain tumor was found in Frisco a few months after his son’s birth. In late 2014 Friske finished cancer treatment and returned from China to Moscow. The last months of actress lived in a country house outside Moscow with her husband and young son. Zhanna Friske became famous thanks to the participation in 1996 as part of girl group “Shining”.

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On June 26, 86, died of former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. He died after a long illness.Policy buried at Novodevichy Cemetery. Primakov from 1977 to 1985 headed the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from 1985 to 1989 led the IMEMO. From 1991 to 1996 he headed the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia, in 1996-1998 served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and from 1998 to 1999 was chairman of the government.

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The legendary Czech football player, winner of the “Golden Ball” Josef Masopust in 1962, died June 29 at age 84. He died after a long illness. Over the years, Masopust played for the Czech club “Vodrtehnu” and “Dukla” and “Royal Crossing.” For the national team he played from 1954 to 1966. The team Czechoslovakia midfielder became the bronze medalist of the Euro 1960 and World Championship silver medalist in 1962.

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Former pilot of Marussia Jules Bianchi died July 17 after nine months spent unconscious. In whom it was 5 October 2014 during the Japanese Grand Prix. For the nine laps to go, his car went off the road and collided with a tow truck. Jules Bianchi has signed a contract with the Russian team Marussia in February 2013. His best result in the “Formula 1” was in ninth place in the Monaco Grand Prix in 2014.

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July 19, 68-year life after a long illness, died a former chairman of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev. He was buried at the cemetery Troekurov. Over the years, Seleznev, Managing Editor of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and the newspaper “Pravda”, then became a member of the State Duma from the first to the fourth convocation, in 1996, took over as chairman of the lower chamber. Colleagues Seleznyov noted that he was the principal leader, could all find a common language. He was named man-compromise.

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On the night of August 20 after a long illness, he died People’s Artist of Russia Lev Durov. He was 83 years. Actor was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery. In the movie, Durov has played more than 200 roles.Popularly known for his work in the films “Walking the Streets of Moscow”, “Old men-robbers”, “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, “The Big Break” and the films “Do not send us a messenger?” and “Moon was full garden.”

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In St. Petersburg, died on August 30 People’s Artist of Russia Mikhail Svetin. He was 84 years old. A week before the death of the actor was hospitalized with a stroke. Buried on Svetin Seraphim cemetery in St. Petersburg. Mikhail Semenovich appeared in almost one hundred films. Viewers will remember the roles in the films “Athos”, “12 chairs”, “Magicians”, “The Man from Boulevard des Capucines.”

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In Moldova, on September 15, 82, died actor Michael Volontir. For several years he was suffering from diabetes, in July, the actor was urgently hospitalized. Popularly known Mihai Volontir Budulai brought the role in the film “Gypsy” and “Return Budulai.” In 1988 he received the title of People’s Artist of the USSR.In 2000, Moldova Volontir recognized as one of the greatest actors of the XX century.

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November 8, died a famous Soviet and Russian composer, songwriter “And the snow goes” and “You’re the one in my life,” Andrew Eshpay. He died on the 91-year life from the effects of stroke. Andrew Eshpay wrote the music for more than 50 productions of dramatic theater and films.

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November 11 at the 82 th year of life died filmmaker George Yungvald-Khil’kevich. He died of heart failure. Jungvald-Khil’kevich was a bright figure in theater and film, shot over two dozen paintings – “The Three Musketeers,” “Oh, vaudeville, vaudeville,” “Prisoner of If Castle”, “Dangerous Tour” known to several generations of viewers. In recent years, he has collaborated with theaters, including foreign, engaged performances, painted scenery for plays, wrote books on cinema.

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Directed by Eldar Ryazanov died on November 30th. His heart stopped. USSR People’s Artist, laureate of State Prize, writer, teacher, writer and playwright was 88 years old. Eldar Ryazanov took about 30 movies and almost every one of them was a hit of. The most famous pictures of the director – “Carnival Night,” “Beware of the Car,” “Cruel Romance”, “Office Romance”, “garage”, “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath”.

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The famous rock musician Scott Weiland died on December 3 during a tour. He was 48 years old. The body of the rocker found in the bus. Scott Weiland – American musician, singer and former frontman of the band Stone Temple Pilots. He is known for his style of singing with a megaphone. Earlier Veylend performed as part of groups such as the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. For years, rocker drug-dependent, but in 2002 lost her.

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December 28 from cancer, died leader of the rock band Motorhead Ian Fraser Kilmister, known as Lemmy.He died at his home in Los Angeles. About illness rocker learned on December 26, two days before he celebrated the 70 th birthday. Motorhead was founded in 1975. Bassist and vocalist Kilmister is the only member of the first composition of the group.

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Celebrities who have died this year 2015 (26 photos)

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