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How to burn an aircraft carrier with one match (2 photos)

Early in the morning of October 26, 1966 aboard the US aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, standing in the Gulf of Tonkin, seething life. Technicians took planes returning from night flights, and prepared to take off the morning shift. On the front of the hangar deck two technicians discharged cassettes lighting checkers.

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At one point, the technician dropped his sword, and, trying to catch her, pulled the safety pin. Checker caught fire, but did not lose a brave technician, grabbed her, threw the nearest locker and closed the lid. All anything, but in the locker to store other lighting checkers, and that the most unpleasant charges to 70-mm Nursi.

One such charge and detonated, tearing the lid locker, which flew straight to standing next to the helicopter. The helicopter caught fire. After a while the other charges exploded in the locker, spreading fire on the hangar. More after some time from the heat blew up a tank of liquefied oxygen, and then the fire spread to the crew quarters.

Generally, by the time when the fire was brought under control and extinguished, the number of dead has reached 44 people, another 156 sailors were wounded, 2 helicopters and attack aircraft A-4E were burned, three more attack aircraft were damaged. The damage amounted to 11 million. Dollars, and repairs took six months.

1480374904 02 How to burn an aircraft carrier with one match (2 photos)



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