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There are black tomatoes with amazing taste

We already grow purple carrots, yellow squash and white asparagus. But, according to farmers, this season in each greenhouse should grow more tomatoes and black. According to biologists, such tomatoes much more useful familiar red tomatoes.

 256 620x357 There are black tomatoes with amazing taste

Unripe fruit looks like an ordinary green tomato, but as they mature it gets dark.First unusual vegetable called “Indigo Rose” went on sale this year, it is rich in anthocyanins and antioxidants and is perfect for combat obesity. Black tomatoes taste more savory than red, they are usually fried or added to salads.

256 620x3571 There are black tomatoes with amazing taste

Jim Myers

These tomatoes were withdrawn Professor Jim Myers of the University of Oregon, USA – he studied purple tomatoes (yes, there are) and found that unusual coloring provide anthocyanins, such as blueberries. Then scientists began to cross the purple tomatoes with some species of wild tomatoes and, in the end, got “Indigo Rose” – one of the most surprising and, as they say, tasty vegetables in the world.

256 620x3572 There are black tomatoes with amazing taste



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