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An amazing find of archaeologists (2 photos)

Before you is gemma, which was found during archaeological excavations, but until recently lay among hundreds of other finds. Its value became clear only after cleaning, when on a stone with a length of only 3.5 cm was found a magnificent drawing, which is 3,500 years old. Hitherto, such images were found only on artifacts 2500 years ago, dating back to the era of ancient Greece.

Gemma was found in the grave of a noble warrior in the Greek city of Pylos. According to one version, it was a kind of seal that its owner wore on the ring. The pictures depict a fighting warrior striking the enemy, while at his feet is already defeated enemy. The quality of the drawing surprised the historians, as such impressive drawings of the human body had previously been considered not characteristic of the Bronze Age.

The grave of the warrior is well preserved, it also found many other artifacts, including precious items, but this gemma is of particular interest. Another mystery was the Minoan (the culture of ancient Crete) style of gems and other items found in the grave of a warrior who was a native of Greece.

 nahodka 01 An amazing find of archaeologists (2 photos) nahodka 02 An amazing find of archaeologists (2 photos)




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