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Koreans have learned to transmit electricity through the air

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Scientists leading the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and representatives of the Korean Railway Research Institute (KRRI) announced the successful testing of the new technology of wireless power transmission. So far, only on the railway.
Testing was conducted at the station Osong. According to scientists, the wireless power supply characterized by a stable capacity of 180 kW and a frequency of 60 kHz. This technology was developed as part of the KAIST electric transport system back in 2011 and was called On-line Electric Vehicle (OLEV).
The first prototype had a bus and tram. In their movement the distance between the bottom of the vehicle and the road surface was 20 cm. With this energy fed 100 kW at a frequency of 20 kHz, and the loss was 15 percent.
Currently, scientists were able to prove that the technology can be applied not only on the railway. According KRRI and KAIST in May there will be new trams and high-speed trains in September.
I wonder when it will reach or a similar technology to the Russian Railways? So far, the majority of domestic passengers can be satisfied only developments train that has long passed for half a century.

Why in the US, some traffic lights with red bottom?

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It’s all about American history and ethnicity. Traffic lights, which appeared in New York in the Tipperary Hill, sometimes referred to as Tipp Hill and was responsible for changes in standards in the United States. This place – the area of ​​Syracuse, New York, where immigrants lived in Ireland. Then in 1925, it was installed the first traffic light, a normal traffic light with green light at the bottom and a red top. It seems to be nothing. But the Irish lived in the area, did not agree with the installation of this lighting. Why is that?
It’s simple: the Irish immigrated young people did not agree with the fact that the British Red was higher than the traditional Irish green. They immediately broke the traffic light.
Streetlight was repaired, but it broke again, and then as a sign of respect for the Irish, Green has been put first.
The US government has always been on the side of immigrants, when they opposed the British Standard. So do not be surprised when you see the US Green above the red.

Why are people waving their arms while walking?

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Until recently, the scientific world was no unanimous opinion on the matter. However, it was believed that some parts of our brain have kept the memory of the time when the person moved on four legs (like apes), and it is this relic makes us waving his arms while walking.
US scientists may have solved the secret of swinging arms while walking – experiments have shown that it saves energy. To calculate the energy “budget” when walking, the researchers developed a computer model of a three-dimensional person with a free dangling hands. Hands of the “passive” pattern moving at walking, but in opposite phase with the movements of human arms when walking. Scientists note that the dangling arms to create additional mechanical moment, to overcome which people may need extra energy.
To test this hypothesis, they conducted experiments on a group of volunteers. Some of them walking on treadmill offered to hold hands along the body, the other – waving his arms in opposite to the normal movements that is moving forward at the same time the right arm and right leg. Measurements have shown that people who keep their hands “glued” spent walking 12% more energy. Walking with the opposite hand to normal traffic has increased energy consumption by 26%.
Scientists came to the conclusion that in the course of evolution, our body has adapted to spend the least amount of energy when walking, using unconscious waving hands. Hanging around the body, our hands perform the role of counterbalance and compensate for the torque that occurs when pushing off your feet off the ground.

3D technology was invented in the Third Reich

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The first 3D movies have appeared in Nazi Germany. Such a discovery made Nazism Australian researcher and director Philippe Mora, find in the archives of Berlin’s two 3D copies of the tapes. It used to be that the bulk of filming technology invented in Hollywood in the 1950s.
Philippe Mora has forty years of experience in the history of cinema art in Nazi Germany. In particular, he is the author of the documentary “The Swastika”, which was first shown in “homemade” videos Adolf Hitler, who was shooting his girlfriend Eva Braun at their villa in Bavaria. He is now working on a new documentary project, which wants to show how the Nazi propaganda machine manipulated reality to control the population.
By studying the archives of the Ministry of Propaganda Goebbels in Berlin, Mora found two tapes labeled Raum Film (spatial film). In fact it turned out that they were shot in 3D independent studio on the request of the Ministry, but fame did not get, and have remained in the dusty archives. They have no one paid attention because of the mark Raum, which also means “space”.
Films were filmed on a 35 mm film, apparently using two lenses and prisms placed before them. One of them is called “It’s so real that you can touch it.” This is a picnic, and the main feature – the spray from fried sausages that fly straight at the viewer. In the second tape tells about six girls who went for a walk on the weekend. Both paintings lasted for about half an hour.
“The quality of the films is fantastic. The Nazis were obsessed with documentation of everything and tried to control every image – it was all part of how they took control of the country and its people “, – quotes Philippe Mora edition Variety.
Previously it was thought that the technology of stereoscopic or 3D shooting was invented in Hollywood in the 1950s. Then it is not widespread because of the high cost of equipment and the complexity of the entire process.
Curiously, similar to Hollywood’s technology is also being developed in the USSR. In 1941, inventor Semyon Ivanov released the film “Land of Youth”, in which the image was voluminous. However, to view the tape needed to the raster display as points did not exist.

A woman who was selling time

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Meet in this photo you can see Route Belleville, London saleswoman time. Having adopted in 1892 the business of their parents, it is checked against your daily chronometer clock at the Greenwich Royal Observatory, and then delivers the exact time of its subscribers (eg, watchmakers).
Like many other members of the oldest professions, Ruth hit by progress. In February 1924 the radio station “Bi-bi-si” launched broadcast precise time of Greenwich by means of the six most famous rings. As a result of the 200 regular customers remained faithful to it 40-50.
Ruth worked so almost half a century and left in 1939 to retire at the age of 85. During his career, she could pass for some artifact of history. A spokeswoman for the dying profession interested in newspapers, radio stations interviewed. In 2008 the National Museum in Greenwich released a book about it.



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