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9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)

What’s this? Pasta cooked in red peppers, eggplant, garlic and chili peppers, azhvar – is a popular condiment in the Serbian cuisine. How you choose to eat it – left entirely to your discretion. Azhvar popular in the Balkans as an independent salad, but it is also often used as a paste. Red peppers can be replaced with a more acute variety, making the dish more spicy.

Recommended use: Azhvar – perfect condiment for hot dogs and sandwiches.
1402362256 01 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)2. Curry ketchup
1402362270 02 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Exactly as it sounds. Curry ketchup is made by mixing ketchup or tomato paste, curry powder. He gets a slight taste umami ketchup, but with the flavor of curry, resulting in a very special dish.

Recommended use:

Curry ketchup – a key ingredient in the German dish Currywurst. Try it sometime on sausage in hot mastiff.

3. Pebre
1402362252 03 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Pebre – Chile is a popular condiment made of coriander, onion, olive oil, garlic and peppers au. For the uninitiated peppers au Peruviyskie also known as hot peppers, they have an average sharpness.

Recommended use:

Chileans usually smeared on Pebre grilled meat on the fire.

4. Yeast extract
1402362208 04 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Yeast extract is sold under many names, but they all represent the same thing – a byproduct of mixing beer yeast, vegetables and spices. It is mainly used as an intense, fragrant spices toast and crackers.

Recommended use:

Because of its strong, rich taste, it is recommended to use only with yeast extract almost tasteless or very simple product.

5. Shichimi
1402362223 05 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Shichimi, also known as “chili peppers with seven flavors” is a popular additive in Japanese cuisine. You might ask, “What is this seven flavors?” It: ground red chili peppers, ground Sichuan pepper, roasted orange peel, black sesame seeds, sesame seeds white, hemp seed, ground ginger, and nori seaweed.

Recommended use:

Shichimi is an excellent seasoning for soups or tasteless noodle dishes, but can be added to almost any dish to give it a rich, tangy taste.

6. Harissa
1402362272 06 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Harissa – this condiment prepared from hot peppers, garlic paste, coriander, red chili powder, cumin and olive oil. It is a popular dish in Tunisia, where it is used as a condiment for couscous, added to stews and used as a topping. It can be very sharp, depending on the used peppers.

Recommended use:

Perfect for sandwiches, falafel, french fries, and can be used even just with crackers.

7. Saffron aioli
1402362180 07 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Saffron – is the spice collected from the saffron crocus stamens, which grows mainly in Iran. Since each flower only a few stamens, and each must be collected manually, saffron – the most expensive spice in the world. Aioli, on the other hand, is essentially a variation of mayonnaise just bizarre. They certainly were made for each other.

Recommended use:

If your dish can dip into something, you can dip it in saffron aioli.

8. Gochuyang
1402362193 08 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Gochuyang – a popular Korean fermented seasoning prepared from red chili peppers, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt. Traditionally, it is left for many years in large earthen vessels, which gives it a deep, rich fermented taste.It can be added to any dish to make them more colorful, spicy and slightly sweet taste.

Recommended use:

Its unique taste makes gochuyang special. Try to add it as a seasoning for a sandwich with a weak own taste.

9. Spekuloos
1402362195 09 9 obscure spices from around the world (9 photos)What’s this?

Spekuloos was originally named varieties popular in Holland shortcake, before someone came up with the idea to grind it into a paste and add it to the other desserts.

Recommended use:

Perfect to waffles, crackers, pancakes, or any other sweet foods, which you can smear.




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