6 most famous Movies car

Sports car Lotus Esprit, which Roger Moore as James Bond, not only driving, but also swam underwater in “The Spy Who Loved Me ‘went under the hammer for 550,000 pounds ($ 865 million) at auction RM Auctions.
In the film, the car not only drove like normal cars, but under the water and swam like a normal submarine.
Total for the 10 th of the “James Bond” used 6 cars Lotus Esprit, and only one of them was the submarine. The model was created by experts of the Canadian company Perry Submarines.
“The Spy Who Loved Me” is not the only film in which the vehicle is no less memorable than the main hero of the film. Below are the most famous cars that have become almost a hallmark of films in which they were lit or even played a major role.

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Peugeot 406

His car has gained popularity at the expense of the French film “Taxi” which has collected $ 200 million in worldwide box office. Models attracted buyers presentable white, French elegance and the ability to change. The film machine transformed into a sports car and build up speed much faster than conventional cars. It is worth noting that the first part of the motion picture was shot one machine, but in the sequels – other. Maybe that’s why they have not gained the same popularity? Peugeot 406 appeared in 1995, and in 2000 it was held restyling.

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1970 Chevrolet Nova

The model took the lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” in 2007. In the process of filming was destroyed four cars, tuning, which was carried out by a special idea Tarantino.In the story, the car is the instrument by which the serial killer smash his victims. The very same driver survives after any accident.

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1958 Plymouth Fury

Another negative character, whose role has got to the car, is the notorious “Christine” by Stephen King. This is the case when the main characters of the film is not a person but a car.Fun fact: all models Plymouth Fury 1958 issue have been made in the banana-yellow color scheme, and the book was a model of a bright red color. Stephen King said that at his request, had to repaint the car in red and white colors. The writer chose this model is not accidental: in the late 50’s it was she who was the queen of American roads.

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Mercury Monterey 1950

Car protagonist movie “Cobra”. The model is powered by a 5.7-liter 320-horsepower V8 engine coupled with 3-step “automatic”. “Hundreds” car can accelerate in 6.3 seconds. Top speed is 230 km / h The car was owned by Sylvester Stallone and in life. In 1994, the car was stolen out of his garage, and in 2009, Stallone found out that the car was sold at auction to a certain firm that provides filming cars. The investigation found that thief – is a collector of antiques. The car was returned to the actor after the trial, following which the actor received an additional $ 3,000,000 of compensation.

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Cadillac Miller-Meteor 1984

The car has been redesigned from the model Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance in 1959 for the filming of movies Ivan Reitman “Ghostbusters” in 1984 and “Ghostbusters 2″ in 1989.Originally intended to repaint the car «ECTO 1” in black color, but the abundance of night shooting forced the crew to abandon the idea. One of the main advantages of this model has become a huge lounge and spacious seats. Were used for the filming of three cars Cadillac Miller-Meteor in 1959. In reality, however, this model is used as hearses and ambulances. So it is good that the audience remember him as a funny unit, which went for ghost hunte

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DeLorean DMC-12
6. DeLorean DMC-12

Is produced in Northern Ireland sports car, which is the brainchild of American DeLorean Motor Company, referred to as just DeLorean, because it is the only model released by the company. However, the model has gained its fame not because of their uniqueness. The car was lucky to become a participant of the cult trilogy “Back to the Future” in which he played the role of car time machine.

The creator of a time machine, Doc Brown, Marty the question as to why the time machine was chosen DeLorean, said that “if you make a time machine out of the car, then why not look stylish? ‘. With it’s hard not to agree. In reality, the DeLorean is not able to travel through time, but accelerates to 100 km in 10.5 seconds, thanks to the petrol V6 engine. Has a 5-speed manual transmission and thousands of fans around the world.

Of course, films in which the plot revolves around cars, far more than were included in this article. Take, for films about auto racing. But not every movie and not every director can make the car is remembered just as vividly remembered how the story and the main characters.

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