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5 amazing sights of Cambodia

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Phnom Penh, the Silver Pagoda

The main historical significance of Cambodia in general and its capital in particular is the Silver Pagoda. This Buddhist temple is located near the Royal Palace. Surprisingly, the temple was sacked by the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975 – they did not dare to do it, leaving him completely unharmed. The main construction material – wood, but that did not stop the architects of the past to build such an impressive structure. Paul pagoda inlaid with more than five thousand kilo silver tiles. Hence the name – Silver Pagoda. Shestisotmetrovaya wall surrounds it, from the inside decorated with frescoes. In the main building there are real national treasure – a few statues of Buddha, including Emerald, Gold, Silver and Bronze Buddha, as well as a portable throne. Silver Pagoda – a place that shows all the power, beauty and brilliance of the Khmer civilization.
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Phnom Penh, National Museum

The building is in the Khmer style, four art galleries surround the courtyard. The museum has collected more than five thousand exhibits. The most valuable of them – are statues of Leper King, the supreme God Vishnu and the Leper King of Angkor Wat. Also important figures of the museum – Khmer gods of different ages. The National Museum of many relics found in the excavations of the city of Angkor, which you can learn about its origin and architecture. There is a museum of ancient Khmer costumes, which are an integral part of the national art.
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Lost in the jungle and abandoned the residents of the city of Angkor centuries remained unknown to anyone. Before the first Europeans, he appeared only in the mid-nineteenth century. And at one time the city was the capital of the medieval Khmer empire. Today its territory remained only stone buildings, won the wild jungle greenery, a wooden structure collapsed under the influence of humid tropical climate. As the only preserved stone walls and temples, the city is often called the City of Temples.
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The city of Sihanoukville

The resort town of Sihanoukville is located near the Thai border the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Tourist infrastructure is developing rapidly: the city in the near future, predicting the glory of the most fashionable resorts in the country.Since Sihanoukville is located in the hills, it is conventionally divided into several areas related to a specific beach. Beaches is the main attraction of the city, while those who enjoy diving, snorkeling or sport fishing are sent to the neighboring islands.
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Tonle Sap lake

The second name of the Tonle Sap Lake – Great Lake. For locals, it is a natural mirror is an object of worship. In the rainy season it reaches a depth of nine meters, usually no more than two and a. Travel on the “inner sea” is better in small boats. During the trip, you can see the floating village where the house – a cluster of rafts, boats, and the most incredible swimming facilities. They are not only housing, but also a small vegetable garden where they grow vegetables, animal houses and even shops. In a school located a little away, some children swim in large basins. Villagers are engaged in fishing, which is rich lake. It seems that time has stopped in this place.

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