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In Japan, the airport detained a plane crash, a painted turtle, because the turtle on the runway strip

In total, five flights were postponed there.

The runway at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport was closed for 12 minutes after a turtle crawled onto the asphalt, NHK reported .

Five flights were delayed for up to 15 minutes. Among them was a flight by All Nippon Airways (ANA), whose plane is painted like a turtle – the Airbus A380 flies only to Hawaii and back to Japan.

The flight attendant told NHK that the passengers and crew of the plane were so amazed at the coincidence that they were in good spirits despite the delayed departure.

In Hawaii, sea turtles bring good luck, and we hope this turtle, who has come to see flights, bodes well for the future.

All Nippon Airways statement

The turtle was dark green in color, about 30 centimeters long and weighing about 2 kilograms. Airport officials assume she crawled out of a pond on the territory of Narita.

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