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In Australia, a cyclist uses a GPS tracker to draw the cover of Nevermind on a map to celebrate the album’s anniversary

To do this, he drove 150 kilometers.

Photo from Instagram by Peter Stokes

The 45-year-old Australian cyclist Peter Stokes, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of the album Nevermind by the group Nirvana, drew the cover of the album on a map of the city of Adelaide using a GPS tracker, writes The Guardian.

To depict the outline of the boy’s body, Stokes rode about 150 kilometers on a single-speed bike. He spent about eight hours on this.

When this album came out, I was in high school – I was about 14 years old, and it was at this time that a love for music was formed.

Peter Stokes

The image is displayed on the Strava athlete tracking service.

Nirvana is slated to reissue it to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nevermind . The group is going to use the image of a naked boy, despite a lawsuit from Spencer Elden, whose childhood photo was featured on the cover. The man considers the picture to be the sexual exploitation of children. He demands at least 150 thousand dollars in compensation from each person involved in the claim.

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