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Singapore training center apologized for the action with clowns – they stood at elementary schools and called children to follow them

On social media, the campaign with the promoters in suits was considered creepy, parents who did not understand anything complained to the police, and the authorities called the idea dangerous.

Clown Man South China Morning Post

In Singapore, parents of schoolchildren complained to the police about unknown persons in clown costumes and make-up who stood at educational institutions and approached the children. Writes about this South China Morning Post.

Parents shared photos of a man wearing a plaid shirt and clown makeup outside a school. Administration of the Tao Nan educational institution said police warned them about clowns who “walk around elementary schools and ask students to follow them.” They also wrote on social networks that children were offered money so that they would follow the unknown.

It was later revealed that the clowns were an advertising campaign for the Speech Academy Asia training center to enroll children in their classes. Its representatives apologized on Facebook to the parents of schoolchildren for the fact that their employee in a clown costume stood at the entrance to educational institutions. According to them, no one threatened the children and offered no money. Speech Academy Asia clarified that similar actions have already been held in shopping centers, and this time they decided to change the location.

In a post on Facebook, Speaker of the Singapore Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin called the clown idea “nonsense.” “It’s not funny and just dangerous. Whoever does it, I consider the idea nonsense and urge to stop it, ”he wrote.

After numerous complaints and angry comments, the director of the Speech Academy Asia training center, Kelvin Tan, turned to the parents of the students. He apologized to them and added that he “immediately stopped the promo campaign with the clowns.”

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