EU to introduce a single charger plug bill for smartphones and tablets

The adoption of the project will have the greatest impact on Apple, which equips devices with its own connector.

On September 23, the European Commission will present a bill that obliges manufacturers to install the same charging port on all mobile phones, tablets and headphones. This is reported by Reuters, citing sources.

The EU believes that the solution will be safer for the environment and more user-friendly. They also offer to sell chargers separately from gadgets.

The agency notes that the innovation will affect Apple the most: it is installing its own Lightning connector when most other manufacturers equip their devices with USB micro-B or USB-C. Apple opposes the EU initiative. The company believes that it slows down innovation, creates a lot of e-waste and will annoy consumers.

The EU has been trying to introduce a single charger connector since 2009. Then there were more than 30 varieties on the market, the BBC notes . In connection with the Alliance initiative, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia signed a memorandum mandating the use of microUSB in phones manufactured after 2011. However, taking advantage of the inaccuracies in the wording of the document, Apple limited itself only to the release of an adapter from Lightning to microUSB.

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