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In the United States, a cookbook author made a restaurant for a chipmunk on her porch. She prepares tiny meals for him

Once a grateful customer even left a tip from the leaves.

The Georgia-based cookbook author has created a miniature restaurant for the chipmunk that haunts her porch, writes CBS.


Angela Hansberger said that the forced closure of restaurants during the coronavirus outbreak was a blow to her, both professionally and personally. “I was very upset for all the people in the industry that I worked with,” she said.

The woman took a break and, using her vast knowledge of gourmet cuisine and ingredients from her garden, she opened a porch restaurant for a chipmunk. Every day she prepares tiny meals for him, such as pizza, omelet, tacos, spaghetti with meatballs. The chipmunk, which Hansberger named Thelonius Munch, usually arrives within seconds of serving food.

The project for a chipmunk restaurant began when Angela’s uncle sent her a tiny picnic table, which she originally wanted to nail to the fence for squirrels to climb.

“I put it on the porch and went to throw away the packaging. When I returned, there was a chipmunk, who looked like a little man. I gave him the nuts from the birthday cake and he ate them. The next morning I did the same. He came every day, sometimes sat at an empty table and waited for me, ”she says.

Angela said that he once left crumpled leaves on the table. “As I understand it, he brought the tip,” the woman joked. She talks about her project on Instagram

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